Thursday, September 14, 2017

Colin Andrews Two Appearances in the USA, 2017

My only two appearances in the United States during 2017.

The first will be a community discussion in a restaurant setting in Guilford, Connecticut.
The second will be at the Aquarius Casino Resort, Laughlin, Nevada.

Check them out HERE

Friday, September 1, 2017

Hurricane 'Harvey' - Thank you to the media

The same media who have been through political hell in recent months.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the media, their reporters and presenters for the incredible and critical work they have done during this still unfolding catastrophe which will always be remembered as “Harvey”. 

It’s far from over, the water slowly subsides across this vast area while emotions rise and new problems manifest.

The meltdown is still to come from many thousands without homes, vehicles, power and in many cases even public water and zero funds to do anything for themselves but stand and look down at their feet to grasp all that they have left.  The emergence of their fight for sanity and security, for a sense of self, is soon to appear over the close horizon. 

Not that floods have not happened before, they have and terrible ones too but not on this scale and not with so many large scale impacts. This critical role of the media, often seized upon as a political basketball with its problems, much like we all have but when it comes down to humans helping humans, they can make huge effective impacts and in this extraordinary disaster, they have.

Many reporters on the scene have broken away to save people, looks for lost love ones and cried with those in distress. 

They have been an essential communication tool which has helped all aspects of the unfolding disasters. They are shining the spot light on the function of government, not the Hollywood set we get to see so often, the hands on board dirty function of serving the public. They raise the questions, like why haven’t congress reconvened? Why haven’t they returned to Washington DC to do the peoples work? This is the important work of the media, not carried out from some distant dry spot selected for a photo-op but as most of the reporters are, waist deep in sewage, chemicals and other obnoxious material, in someone’s basement or grasping anxious panicked pets. Thank you to them all.

Please hold the course, we know that when new available smoke screens appear, the politics will be ready to bounce right back to form. Dare I say it?  Not this time, political hypocrisy has limits and I think it found its master “Harvey”. Note: It’s not over.

My hat is off to each one of them – maybe, just maybe we will return to a semblance of normality when all this subsides and we respect each other for the best and not the worse we can offer. Politics itself is on the same crossroads as everything else and our children are watching.