Saturday, May 14, 2016


There are thousands of humans who are in procession of details-information which were given to them in mysterious ways which they keep nervously to themselves. But to make sense of these multiple parcels of information, we are forced to share them with each other at some point. The lock that acts as the gatekeeper on this happening, isn’t government secrecy per say, although this too is likely a part, but it’s our failure to be in a common coherence of respect and trust of each other. Positions that come down to trust or even ego. Whether you hold within you a UFO or ET experience or you have a sense of a nonsensical formula, a binary code, a term, a unique geometry or the name of a star cluster etc… These parcels of information remain locked up until they are safely positioned into a delivery sequence. The key to open this cycle of the human endeavor can only take form when we work through the human ego and frailties that keep us apart and keep that information apart, can we activate the potentially immensely important and transitional details we have been gifted.

The mirror placed before us today, challenges each and every one of us to speak our truths, to forgive each other for various shortcomings. We have to reach that place where everything makes sense and we can all feel good about playing a part, much of which has been given by higher mind, I will call this ‘The God within and outside’.

All of the trend lines (the pieces) have come together at the end of a long super cycle. Mother Earth has reached her Midnight hour, it is that moment you and I came to experience and be apart. It’s our job to find common ground and open the Pandora’s box and share those secret parcels that we have been gifted? Stop…..take a deep breath and embrace the day that you see before you and embrace what remains of an extraordinary planet, our home.

Many amazing events are unfolding – alarm bells are ringing to signify that this is ‘our moment’ to act as one human family with Mother Earth and all other species.   – Colin Andrews / May 14, 2016
AS EVENTS UNFOLD and they will: