Thursday, January 7, 2016

We Must all Act as Responsible Leaders : Mother Nature Has Some Surprises - Prepare."Perhaps if we all act as responsible leaders then the leaders will follow. We cannot change now what mother nature is arranging, but we can help our children prepare for the large scale challenges coming - what might come as a shock to those who slowed the boat for selfish agendas is that we will ultimately all need each other" - Colin Andrews:

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It is how we use our innate power and wisdom - we were not born with guns in our hands or nuclear detonators. A good thing to remember in all things we do as well as eat is that if it comes from a plant (factory) worry about it. If it comes from a plant (vegetation) consider it is good. Within us we have a creation totally supreme and masterful, i.e. Emotions.  A product of an electro-chemical process, activated and apportioned to assist us on our journey.

The big deal that worries those who don't want us to embrace who we are as spiritual beings, because of their own short sighted reasons is this:

Silence can be your friend and your power, to be used wisely. Just as creating hell can open locked doors. Its simple and effective and nature tested it. To have faith in ourselves and not those who profess to be our masters is key. -