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The Message: MESSAGE: Crop Circles and UFOs portals to the future.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Colin Andrews Research entering its 33rd year - Appeal

I am entering my 33rd year of research into  a range of subjects which vary from the unknown to known and concerning. 

As most of you know I started my public work as a volunteer firefighter for 11 years in England.

On the reorganization of British local government in 1974, as an electrical engineer I was engaged to run several departments for the then new 'Test Valley Borough Council' in central south England.  My responsibilities were to serve the public in many disciplines, which grew in number and scale as I went through promotions into upper management. Test Valley Borough Council took over the former authorities of Romsey Town Council, Romsey and District Council, Andover District Council and the many Parish Councils stretching from the Hampshire Berkshire border to the north, Basingstoke to the east, Southampton and the New Forest to the south up to the English Channel and Wiltshire to the west. My staff looked after street lighting, sewage pumping stations, highways, several thousands of council houses. I was honored
to have under my wing the technical services to senior citizens housing and other centers, our recreation and sports centers tech services and I had the added function and title of the Communications Officer for some years, which had a responsibility for major civil emergency planning and the communications in our underground control facilities and our fleet of many vehicles. etc.

Everything changed when I saw a crop circle on my way to a regular meeting in July 1983.

I resigned in 1991, which is when my public profile grew in another very different area. I became well known Internationally for my investigations and research into several subjects that I have gotten deeply committed to, i.e. Crop Circles (which I named) UFOs, Consciousness, Climate Change, Animal Cruelty, Weather Manipulation and lastly, World Peace and Environmental awareness with organizations at the United Nations and State level.

My 33 years of research have almost exclusively been funded by me personally and my wife Synthia.  I have received several short periods of funding for specific projects by generous and caring individuals. But from time to time, much like everyone else, life gets a wee bit tight and this is when I have to bury my pride and appeal to for donations towards my commitment to carry this work forward, as far as I can. The last appeal was three years ago.

Any amount is most welcome. Most people have enough on there shoulders to cover and that I fully understand. All of us do what we can and I shall do the same. Best wishes and thank you for continuing to have an interest in my research and for significantly helping. Your encouragement alone is enough and I hold on to that to cover times when things have not been so rosy. Thank you  - Colin Andrews

Saturday, June 4, 2016

We Are Built of the stuff of Magic and Illusion - Observe & be Observed. Colin Andrews

"We cant know what secrets are within for we are built of the stuff of magic and illusion. Behaving as real is the best way of dealing with this ever changing magical world. Allow dreams and the mysterious to appear and your world will be a more complete experience. Observe and be observed" - Colin Andrews, 4 June 2016
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Quotations: "We cant know what secrets are within for we are built of the stuff of magic and illusion…….
The Andrews Family with Field-Marshal Montgomery after the Atomic bombs were dropped.
Give Our Children Hope

Saturday, May 14, 2016


There are thousands of humans who are in procession of details-information which were given to them in mysterious ways which they keep nervously to themselves. But to make sense of these multiple parcels of information, we are forced to share them with each other at some point. The lock that acts as the gatekeeper on this happening, isn’t government secrecy per say, although this too is likely a part, but it’s our failure to be in a common coherence of respect and trust of each other. Positions that come down to trust or even ego. Whether you hold within you a UFO or ET experience or you have a sense of a nonsensical formula, a binary code, a term, a unique geometry or the name of a star cluster etc… These parcels of information remain locked up until they are safely positioned into a delivery sequence. The key to open this cycle of the human endeavor can only take form when we work through the human ego and frailties that keep us apart and keep that information apart, can we activate the potentially immensely important and transitional details we have been gifted.

The mirror placed before us today, challenges each and every one of us to speak our truths, to forgive each other for various shortcomings. We have to reach that place where everything makes sense and we can all feel good about playing a part, much of which has been given by higher mind, I will call this ‘The God within and outside’.

All of the trend lines (the pieces) have come together at the end of a long super cycle. Mother Earth has reached her Midnight hour, it is that moment you and I came to experience and be apart. It’s our job to find common ground and open the Pandora’s box and share those secret parcels that we have been gifted? Stop…..take a deep breath and embrace the day that you see before you and embrace what remains of an extraordinary planet, our home.

Many amazing events are unfolding – alarm bells are ringing to signify that this is ‘our moment’ to act as one human family with Mother Earth and all other species.   – Colin Andrews / May 14, 2016
AS EVENTS UNFOLD and they will:  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

UFO-ET reality: Something is stirring. Tom DeLonge and US Government part of new Asset deployment

According to singer Tom DeLonge on Coast to Coast AM radio program recently, says that he has been given information from high level Government operatives about ET's and UFOs that will "Change Everything":

The views of leading UFO researchers, Dr. Steven Greer, Grant Cameron and also well known 9-11 activist Michael Kane are posted in a brief update on my website here:


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We The People Have Arrived

Things are happening VERY quickly and we are being helped along by angels, by spirit by that part of the collective consciousness of human-kind and beyond. The window of opportunity to change our world for the good, might be small and so with all the strength and health we can muster we are stepping forward in the thousands. We the people have arrived - Colin Andrews April 26, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The First and Last Generation - Breaking Us Away From Nature - Colin Andrews

Published on Apr 13, 2016
Colin Andrews expresses his concerns that a profound moment has been reached. A new generation for the first time in history is fully immersed in digital technology and has broken away from the last generation with thousands of years of natures face to face body language. A new Album will be launched this summer which will be a powerful message and timely alert for this unique moment in time. Keep your eyes open for the new "Action Moves People' album. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

'The Others' and their relationship with humans is profound - Prepare to prepare

The following is a Facebook interaction between a former UK journalist and myself following my posting of a national TV News program I was in, about crop circles and the recent Coast to Coast radio program with well known singer Tom DeLonge and what he is preparing with US Government on DISCLOSURE. The shocking information he is being given to reveal, fully supports my own conclusions and published in 'On the Edge of Reality'. There is nothing, NOTHING, more important than this:

Colin Andrews posted: March 25, 2016:
Comments:  A reminder of 'A Mystery' which got too clever and even scared the human circlemakers away. This national news bulletin from ITN UK twenty six years ago (yes I do look much younger and starved!). The mystery still remains for many who fear how close the answer is to our own brain function. When you get this close, the inevitable question becomes: Who are we?:
David Haith: Colin wrote: "A reminder of 'A Mystery' which got too clever and even scared the human circlemakers away"
What exactly do you mean by this Colin?
Colin Andrews: The subconscious being aware of ALL, informing everyone involved and at all levels, that the experiences of researchers like myself and circklemakers like Matthew Williams and just about everyone of them I am aware of from the very beginning of this modern day mystery, was and is being managed by a non visible, unknown higher mind (likely non human) which is prompting by suggestion and intuitive insight to 'perform'. It doesn't end there, that magic is the entity steering the head of the human snake. We are I am afraid back into the territory of 'who', what and why? God, doesn't quite fit somehow but who knows. There are few things I know, but this is one which took me over thirty years to satisfy myself. Start with reading 'On the Edge of Reality', which I believe you have Dave and then take 'quiet time' to assess. There are few accidents, a superior force of some profound kind is pulling a lot of strings. The crop circles are not for no reason, the people are not simply random folks. They volunteered and stepped forward: Take a quick listen to the Pete Price radio interview I did a while ago, it might help get a better sense of where I am: Its down the front page:
David Haith: Thanks Colin, I do agree with most of the above - we are on the same page.
But it was the bit about the human circlemakers being scared away.
I know some feel they are 'guided' but I never knew some have been frightened out of circlemaking...?
Colin Andrews :Events in the fields have directly caused some to flee the fields. I think others have been made to feel vulnerable at the subconscious level by the game they think they are playing, suddenly becoming part of a bigger picture. There are many examples in 'On the Edge of Reality' Dave. I would add, that I have now listened to the Coast to Coast interview with Tom DeLonge and I have no doubt at all, what is about to be disclosed are the same as my own findings. He uses the same terms too and understandably. We are being messed with by Gods in a very complicated and concerning CHESS GAME. As you know Dave, Ive had personal one to one with at least one of these. Tom has top level government advisors and he is on the money. One will recognize the crop circle experiment as this all comes out. I think the circlemakers of the human kind, have more to come to terms with soon. There is much more behind a stomper board than a stomper board. Our reality is about to get a shock wave of change Dave. One has to think about such things as how close the acts are of pushing ones foot down on a stomper board and creating a pattern with pushing a finger on a switch, triggering a nuclear devise and creating a pattern of destruction?? Once the facts as these agencies know them currently to be are shared, we will be much more willing to join our fellow man/woman in supporting the defense of our soul's existence. Its deep but the chess game is spilling out into all human activity, from politics, religion. economics and military etc . I am rather surprised that Tom is holding himself together as well as he is at this point. George Knapp as experienced events at the Ranch, as I have and others surrounding the crop circle and UFO fields and we came to the same conclusions as those now being prepared for disclosure. The coming months should be very interesting Dave.