Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Crop Circles, UFOs and you name it: The final question is the most scary one. I know a non human mind is playing with us but who is this? - Colin Andrews

My reply to the sender of a theory on crop circles, sent on Facebook – Dec 2015:
Dear Dxxx
I admire your hard work and thank you for doing it. Let me please say with great respect that what I’ve learned over 32 years investigating the crop circles is that the most important question is: What or who is communicating in direct interactive ways within the human mind? These communications are taking place in the minds of researchers like me and also people making crop circles???? That said the ratchet design at the top of your message WAS man-made but why? Did the humans involved make that design and why place it there? Many unexplained events can surround the making of some circles and sometimes unknown to the humans, several will be prompted to make them on the same night and even in the same fields (read accounts in book ‘On the Edge of Reality’ The big question is : What are the implications of human activity acted out due to non human influence? This is a profound idea, let alone a conclusion and has huge effects upon our structures and beliefs.
Our entire world is changing gear and my suggestion is . . . .