Friday, December 11, 2015

Thank You - The Time Has Come

In recent times, I have witnessed as reality, what I saw in over three decades ago in my mind eye, which concerned me so much about our people and Mother Earth. Perhaps naively I thought that I might be able to find some answers to some big questions which might influence the ultimate direction of mankind and ease the pain I felt deep inside.  My early concerns of world’s population, resources, environment, politics and religions would come into crisis. Later I would learn that the Mayan also predicted this starting around 2012. Well my worst fears happened and are now evolving as we speak.  I like to think the chaos is reconstructing and transitioning to something much better, but there are no guarantees. Global economies are held together by untrustworthy players while the disparity of wealth is obscene, between those with so little and those who have more than they need or can even spend.
At this point in time, I truly feel my small place on the journey for answers and education has been fulfilled.  I would like to . . Full statement