Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Crop Circles, UFOs and you name it: The final question is the most scary one. I know a non human mind is playing with us but who is this? - Colin Andrews

My reply to the sender of a theory on crop circles, sent on Facebook – Dec 2015:
Dear Dxxx
I admire your hard work and thank you for doing it. Let me please say with great respect that what I’ve learned over 32 years investigating the crop circles is that the most important question is: What or who is communicating in direct interactive ways within the human mind? These communications are taking place in the minds of researchers like me and also people making crop circles???? That said the ratchet design at the top of your message WAS man-made but why? Did the humans involved make that design and why place it there? Many unexplained events can surround the making of some circles and sometimes unknown to the humans, several will be prompted to make them on the same night and even in the same fields (read accounts in book ‘On the Edge of Reality’ The big question is : What are the implications of human activity acted out due to non human influence? This is a profound idea, let alone a conclusion and has huge effects upon our structures and beliefs.
Our entire world is changing gear and my suggestion is . . . .

Earth Observatory becoming an important check for a more hostile environment - Colin Andrews

Many visitors to my website have concerns today about severe conditions that threaten them or their families.  I receive a great deal of suggested additions to the Earth Observatory page to help speedy recovery of current information that might be helpful.  In the coming days several regions of our
planet will experience severe gales and torrential flooding rain which is forecast to lead to more major flooding in the central and southern USA and the midlands and northern England along with parts of Wales.  The Earth Observatory page extends to global weather projections, aircraft tracking, satellites, Internet integrity, current news, earthquakes, tsunami etc. If anyone has suggestions for better links, I would be pleased to know and include them.  Please use the contact button on the website to send them – thank you: 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Thank You - The Time Has Come

In recent times, I have witnessed as reality, what I saw in over three decades ago in my mind eye, which concerned me so much about our people and Mother Earth. Perhaps naively I thought that I might be able to find some answers to some big questions which might influence the ultimate direction of mankind and ease the pain I felt deep inside.  My early concerns of world’s population, resources, environment, politics and religions would come into crisis. Later I would learn that the Mayan also predicted this starting around 2012. Well my worst fears happened and are now evolving as we speak.  I like to think the chaos is reconstructing and transitioning to something much better, but there are no guarantees. Global economies are held together by untrustworthy players while the disparity of wealth is obscene, between those with so little and those who have more than they need or can even spend.
At this point in time, I truly feel my small place on the journey for answers and education has been fulfilled.  I would like to . . Full statement

What lead to the manifestation of a monster - Donald Trump and the Crop Circle 'ET' Message.

“Today, following my posting of the cartoon, ‘Crop Circle ET Message’ I am breaking my own rules and commenting on politics. The reason being in the interest of our security. The worst thing we can be doing during this challenging moment in time is to be fighting each other.  The biggest danger right now is to be fighting each other while the enemy quietly takes advantage and walks into our ranks.

Stop, step back.

I believe that the outcome of Republican loyalty of their party over country throughout Obama’s administration has resulted in the manifestation of their own monster, i.e. Trump. The anger from within both parties and the American public, knows that the country is in trouble and a palatable fear exists and meanwhile their voices are not being heard within the animosity and in-fighting. 

US Politics has become Hollywood and power games, also personality media performances has trumped the job of public servant. This has caused more frustration and anger. Both party's have lost their way and we the people are the losers.

We must work harder to bring this anger back under control so that we again open our hearts and minds to discussion and compromise and we must convert the anger to bringing those who claim to want to do our work, back to do it.

Stop, step back – breath
The interest of country and the people must be paramount, especially at this dangerous moment.