Friday, October 2, 2015

ALERTS: UFOs and MARS / Weather Emergency USA / Serious Cold War in Syria / Mass Shooting USA

ALERT 1: What did they really find on Mars? Military Whistleblower reveals. The following also from my sources. The statement posted on my website today comes from John Podesta (you can find the source for this quote, and more from Podesta on UFOs in this article), Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton and Counselor to Barack Obama. It’s a powerful statement, because it’s true. We now have witness testimony from hundreds upon hundreds of high ranking, very credible people from within politics and government, military, and intelligence agencies saying that the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon is indeed real and deserves serious attention. New posting in UFO section of my website.

ALERT 2: USA serious weather emergency including Cat 4 - Hurricane 140 mph of exceptionally low pressure, interacting with an exceptionally high pressure system and a developing low over South Carolina to create possible catastrophic flooding and winds during
the following three days. Check links on Observatory page.

ALERT 3: Very dangerous military situation in Syria with potential for catastrophic conflict, caused by war planes from five nations, launching attacks on conflicting targets in the air space over Syria. Russia is attacking the same forces that are being supported by USA. The tail has caught up with the fox with nowhere to go. Now what?? Extremely dangerous situation as a global cold war is gathering pace.

ALERT 4: Yet again a young person in procession of several fire arms is responsible for a mass shooting in the USA.  A society in which mass murders have become routine, being carried out with easy to obtain guns in a nation of over 300,000,000 guns and inadequate political desire to control. A society on the edge. View updates at: