Friday, September 18, 2015

Sequence is what God works with. - Colin Andrews

"I do believe that 'time' is an illusion and doesn't play the role we ascribe it and that 'sequence' is the vital delivery that dictates the intelligently controlled outcome. This is a vital part of evolving or devolving consciousness. The Guardian/Angel or some would say God/Allah is behind the sequencing of events, knowing the outcome is predictable and in accordance with the agenda. What we believe are our own thoughts are on occasion short circuited and confused with those from the higher source and we confuse them as our own. In these times of tremendous change on all levels we can expect, what appears to be highly illogical shifts in social behavior, but my sense is that these are in fact brilliantly conceived actions, played out in an illogical sequence, hence we don't see the ultimate outcome. I begin to see a wizard chess player moving the pieces, where from the first piece moved (sequence), the desired outcome is guaranteed, often after chaos reigned" - Colin Andrews - Sept 18, 2015.

New Postings on my website today:

UFOs: Reports of shapes and form of UFO not seen before, continues. As our paradigm changes so does UFO reports, from cubes to black plastic bags and inexplicable design. Still with UFOs:

Meet the lobbyists who are pressurizing the US government to disclose extraterrestrial activity.

Crop Circles: The 2015 crop circle season is coming to a close. A Summary. (CA) "Our Wildest Dreams are in our hands, in our minds and in our fields". Still with crop circles:

A brilliant piece of research by Simon Miles into the crop circles which further supports my own findings that even though people are making crop circles, its only the beginning of an even bigger mystery: A non human mind is at work and there is growing and compelling evidence to support this. Right back in the 1980s our team witnessed a number of amazing examples of it just as Doug and Dave when they were making some of the early simple circles.  We write in detail about this in 'On the Edge of Reality.  Is there a message from God??. Simon Miles looked closely at just four crop circles and unlocked some unexpected findings. I am impressed with his work and attitude of simply dealing with the facts. He didn't make up his findings, they presented themselves over a period of years just as if the 'circlemaker' patiently waited to see if someone was smart enough.