Saturday, May 2, 2015

MAY DAY 2015: Prepare for the New Norm - Colin Andrews

For the first time in my life, as far as I can remember, the ego inflated government of the United States has suddenly gone very tame on the International front.  Its bluster deadened and its ability to muscle itself seemingly towards planetary control has been thwarted by the scale of this 21st century uprising by nature and man alike. I think it would behoove us to reserve our energy and prepare for the implications of the upcoming norm, the scale of which could be scary on many levels. Much is deserved but to be humble and forgiving in the outcome is to have learned. Now is the moment we stand at the fork in the road with nothing but band-aids to patch up our bleeding planet. There is no place left for hatred but within the minds of lost and angry men, on all sides. Time is short to come together but that is what we must do. A mirror has been stood before us - Colin Andrews, May Day One, 2015