Thursday, January 29, 2015

We Take A Stand Against Government Social Engineering of the UFO and Crop Circle Subjects

Salas, Andrews, and Robbins Together on One Show: Exposing Deliberate Disinformation 21st Century Radio with Dr. Bob Hieronimus – Free Audio Archive Now Available.
Our guests, former Air Force officer Robert Salas, Crop Circle Expert Colin Andrews, and Rendlesham Forest Expert Peter Robbins, document recent efforts to reshape public opinion through timely and deliberate disinformation. This is a formal protest against social engineering to manipulate your consciousness. We take a stand.
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*NOTE: This show was planned as an alternative after Nick Pope declined our several invitations to address the concerns of Peter Robbins and others in this live forum. Instead we not only reviewed the “Deliberate Deception” that Robbins documents is prevalent throughout Pope’s book about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, but we also invited Robert Salas and Colin Andrews to share their own first-hand experience with government mis-information campaigns, particularly surrounding crop circles and UFO events at military installations with nuclear capabilities.