Saturday, October 25, 2014

Silence at this time would be treason - Colin Andrews

Quotation. A dedication to those who care: By Colin Andrews

“At a time like this, born of political and commercial deception, we must encourage Whistleblowers to speak out. It’s our moral responsibility, since silence in the midst of such deception is treason.
– Colin Andrews Oct, 25, 2014 Link

Monday, October 20, 2014

Quotes of the Week: 'Wickedpedia and the World'- also Ebola: Family discussion.

'Wickedpedia and the World' - The truth has become as distorted as the guy holding the microphone . . .
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 Ebola and potential consequences.
This a discussion in our family:

Yes, we know there are too many humans on the planet, we know we are living an unsustainable  life-style,we know that a big change is necessary, possibly including a large die-off and yet when it potentially rears its ugly head we pray it goes away and life goes on as before;human nature I guess. I think in addition to taking a breather from the fear we should all have well-stocked pantries with bulk items with long shelf lives just in case there are periods of time ahead when it would be advisable to hunker down and stay put - See more at:Link