Thursday, August 21, 2014

Please Donate to help us keep listening and acting upon events unfolding in our troubled world - Colin Andrews

Please Donate to the upkeep of Colin Andrews Research website and the 30 years long ongoing research which will enable me to keep listening, and acting upon events evolving in our troubled world. Progress requires TRUTH and courage to make the right decisions: We need each other now more than ever.

Examples of the subjects tackled: i.e. Palestine-Israel discord/Climate Change/Proof of Extraterrestrial life/Study of the Human Brain, i.e. Consciousness/Weather Modification/Protection and encouragement to Whistleblowers/Abuse of Government and Religious power/Scientists playing God with our future/ – the list is endless and growing and each challenges our children’s survival. There has never been a time like this, FACT.

When we discover uncomfortable truths and lack the courage to state them and more importantly act upon them with the corrective steps they necessitate, we fail humanity and our planetary responsibility and we fail those children. Truth will always take us to a better place. Our time here is our only opportunity to make the difference, as far as we know!

We are all waiting for the one who came to save us: YOU.


Taken from an entry  in my diary dated 1985:

"I refuse to be a member of  clubs only that of an Earth citizen.

Division and destruction can be guaranteed by that separation from the one. Our roots and our future are seeded within Mother Earth and her nature. All beyond that is of man’s doing and today is the result"

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