Sunday, August 24, 2014

Important Updates include: "Climate Change, is it changing or dying" - Colin Andrews

Some important updates to my website: Check in mid way down front page for NEW POSTINGS.

ALERT updates following Napa, California earthquake.

The California drought - A huge national emergency. These shocking before and after photos tell the story.

At a presentation in Malta during 2010 Colin said that most fear to ask this question about climate change: Is the climate changing or is it dying?All updated in Climate Change section.

The CD: 'Angel Blessings' is out with two poems spoken by Colin who is accompanied by music by two Grammy Award winning artists. All proceeds will benefit the loving care of those in Hospice. This joins the CD: 'Action Moves People'. All of the proceeds from the sales of this CD will benefit the MOVE THIS WORLD charity which is a global non-profit that uses creative movement to address and transform conflict and violence in communities.

ALERTS: Important alerts on a not so good day:  SOLAR ALERT: Solar Activity About to Increase, large sunspot turning towards Earth. NASA turn off satellite data. VOLCANO ALERT: One of Iceland's largest volcanoes could erupt at any moment - red alert issued for flights to Europe. TERRORIST ALERT: for Europe and USA following Isis action and statement. WEATHER ALERT/HURRICANE: Tropical storm or Hurricane 90% chance of forming in favorable conditions off the south east and eastern US. You can keep on top of these events on the Observatory.

Mysterious plaques continue to appear on sidewalks - Update to Crop Circles along with media links, also the huge holes in Siberia explained and its not good.

All of the above can be seen on my website.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Please Donate to help us keep listening and acting upon events unfolding in our troubled world - Colin Andrews

Please Donate to the upkeep of Colin Andrews Research website and the 30 years long ongoing research which will enable me to keep listening, and acting upon events evolving in our troubled world. Progress requires TRUTH and courage to make the right decisions: We need each other now more than ever.

Examples of the subjects tackled: i.e. Palestine-Israel discord/Climate Change/Proof of Extraterrestrial life/Study of the Human Brain, i.e. Consciousness/Weather Modification/Protection and encouragement to Whistleblowers/Abuse of Government and Religious power/Scientists playing God with our future/ – the list is endless and growing and each challenges our children’s survival. There has never been a time like this, FACT.

When we discover uncomfortable truths and lack the courage to state them and more importantly act upon them with the corrective steps they necessitate, we fail humanity and our planetary responsibility and we fail those children. Truth will always take us to a better place. Our time here is our only opportunity to make the difference, as far as we know!

We are all waiting for the one who came to save us: YOU.


Taken from an entry  in my diary dated 1985:

"I refuse to be a member of  clubs only that of an Earth citizen.

Division and destruction can be guaranteed by that separation from the one. Our roots and our future are seeded within Mother Earth and her nature. All beyond that is of man’s doing and today is the result"

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