Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In the name of your God, stop the slaughter of these children. Israel must mature and use its military might responsibly. This madness must be stopped.

29 July 2014  Colin Andrews pleads today to US Government Representatives.

In the name of your God PLEASE step forward.

Dear Senator Blumenthal, (US Senate)

I am writing out of despair and as a caring, non violent American. I can not sit back another day and watch Israel slaughter hundreds of innocent Palestinians - for any reason.  Its time to cut loose discussion and negotiation based upon the politics, the nationalism, the Hamas tactics, the history and the anger. Israel has superior military might but lacks the skills or desire to bring about a cessation of this bloodshed to the innocent.  As the world policeman the US has carved itself out to be, we must somehow step between the two sides to save the children and woman along with their homes, many now blown into huge black holes. 

As I said I am not a violent man and yet I feel real anger, how must these 3 million imprisoned people feel.  Today the Israeli army blew up the power station, now they have severally compromised water supplies and no power.  This is intolerable and we the people must act NOW to stop the insanity of the Israeli forces.  Most agree that Hamas missiles should cease, this can be easily achieved by the large Israeli ground forces without mass casualty's.  PLEASE use your influence to effect humanitarian steps needed urgently. 

You are one person I trust who comes from heart and sound and caring mind.  Thank you for your time Richard.

We have to change this world and this is a key element. I saw the Pope tearing up about this Sunday, we all are that anxious and emotional.  This time bomb must be attended to. 

Best wishes - Colin Andrews, Guilford. CT


Pleads for help also sent to Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro: