Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Planet Is Changing, we must not ignore this moment. Stop the arguing – Colin Andrews

Stop the arguing folks, just let us do what species do when they sense a threat i.e. pull together. Because whether it is human created or nature taking her course, we are about to experience very difficult challenges on Earth.

Unmanageable heat or cold, extreme floods or drought do not need a name or a political color to stop them happening. We don’t need to show who is right or wrong to make this easier for ourselves and for all other species who are looking desperately in our direction.

Let’s get it together, we are at a crossroads and which road we take now will define the outcome for our children.

We are all in this together – there will be no escaping our idiocy, unless we see the error of our ways.

Arguing about whether its healthier to be eating organic foods over those sprayed with chemicals or genetically modified or whether it’s encouraging high efficiency energy generation to rid the planet of fossil fuels, most would logically agree these are no brainers, unless you are a company heavily invested in making profits, no matter what. The mind-set itself is unsustainable and must not be permitted to speak for us all and the planet.

Idiocy has no bounds and its day is done – enough.  Yes, like it or not we all share the same home.

Let’s get to work, forgiveness and compassion for all is the key but place your dollars where you see the common sense shining through this fog.

Money and power might feel good if you are in the 1% and have become used to squeezing just a little more out of the people and the planet but only 100% of us put to work with morals in place will make it work for everyone as these dramatic changes take hold – Colin

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