Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Crop Circle Season ends with Super Chip in California Field - Colin Andrews

Each year in the subject of crop circles there is a theme or a single story that speaks to the events of the year. There were several significant stories during 2013 that set new directions for this decades old subject. Apart from the brilliance of human circle makers, there is the discovery of a far more profound and almost impossible realization to communicate outside of personal experience. Our book 'On the Edge of Reality' goes to the root of the big story behind the story and the one that will become the new study of consciousness in the near future. In the closing days of the 2013 season came a big media buzz about a complex crop circle, discovered in a field of cereal at Chualar, California. I was in England when this was reported but recognized many indications that it was man made and the likely creators, people known to me. When the media frenzy reached fever pitch and my email inbox started to fill with people asking what I thought, I made the call. My suspicions confirmed. See the 2013 crop circle season and the creation of the Chualar design on my website here.http://www.colinandrews.net/2013-Crop-Circles_Colin-Andrews.html