Thursday, December 18, 2014

Colin Andrews Christmas Message: Signs of a war against or within The Military Industrial Complex

"Why we find it so hard to love each other as we reach the year 2015. The route of our frustration and the cause of our inability to experience the fullness of a caring society is well and truly created and owned by one enormous entity, i.e. The Military Industrial Complex" - Colin Andrews

The seasons message now posted on my website - there are signs that 'the war' of wars has begun and the only one worth fighting. :

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Silence at this time would be treason - Colin Andrews

Quotation. A dedication to those who care: By Colin Andrews

“At a time like this, born of political and commercial deception, we must encourage Whistleblowers to speak out. It’s our moral responsibility, since silence in the midst of such deception is treason.
– Colin Andrews Oct, 25, 2014 Link

Monday, October 20, 2014

Quotes of the Week: 'Wickedpedia and the World'- also Ebola: Family discussion.

'Wickedpedia and the World' - The truth has become as distorted as the guy holding the microphone . . .
Read the full quote:

 Ebola and potential consequences.
This a discussion in our family:

Yes, we know there are too many humans on the planet, we know we are living an unsustainable  life-style,we know that a big change is necessary, possibly including a large die-off and yet when it potentially rears its ugly head we pray it goes away and life goes on as before;human nature I guess. I think in addition to taking a breather from the fear we should all have well-stocked pantries with bulk items with long shelf lives just in case there are periods of time ahead when it would be advisable to hunker down and stay put - See more at:Link 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Important Updates include: "Climate Change, is it changing or dying" - Colin Andrews

Some important updates to my website: Check in mid way down front page for NEW POSTINGS.

ALERT updates following Napa, California earthquake.

The California drought - A huge national emergency. These shocking before and after photos tell the story.

At a presentation in Malta during 2010 Colin said that most fear to ask this question about climate change: Is the climate changing or is it dying?All updated in Climate Change section.

The CD: 'Angel Blessings' is out with two poems spoken by Colin who is accompanied by music by two Grammy Award winning artists. All proceeds will benefit the loving care of those in Hospice. This joins the CD: 'Action Moves People'. All of the proceeds from the sales of this CD will benefit the MOVE THIS WORLD charity which is a global non-profit that uses creative movement to address and transform conflict and violence in communities.

ALERTS: Important alerts on a not so good day:  SOLAR ALERT: Solar Activity About to Increase, large sunspot turning towards Earth. NASA turn off satellite data. VOLCANO ALERT: One of Iceland's largest volcanoes could erupt at any moment - red alert issued for flights to Europe. TERRORIST ALERT: for Europe and USA following Isis action and statement. WEATHER ALERT/HURRICANE: Tropical storm or Hurricane 90% chance of forming in favorable conditions off the south east and eastern US. You can keep on top of these events on the Observatory.

Mysterious plaques continue to appear on sidewalks - Update to Crop Circles along with media links, also the huge holes in Siberia explained and its not good.

All of the above can be seen on my website.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Please Donate to help us keep listening and acting upon events unfolding in our troubled world - Colin Andrews

Please Donate to the upkeep of Colin Andrews Research website and the 30 years long ongoing research which will enable me to keep listening, and acting upon events evolving in our troubled world. Progress requires TRUTH and courage to make the right decisions: We need each other now more than ever.

Examples of the subjects tackled: i.e. Palestine-Israel discord/Climate Change/Proof of Extraterrestrial life/Study of the Human Brain, i.e. Consciousness/Weather Modification/Protection and encouragement to Whistleblowers/Abuse of Government and Religious power/Scientists playing God with our future/ – the list is endless and growing and each challenges our children’s survival. There has never been a time like this, FACT.

When we discover uncomfortable truths and lack the courage to state them and more importantly act upon them with the corrective steps they necessitate, we fail humanity and our planetary responsibility and we fail those children. Truth will always take us to a better place. Our time here is our only opportunity to make the difference, as far as we know!

We are all waiting for the one who came to save us: YOU.


Taken from an entry  in my diary dated 1985:

"I refuse to be a member of  clubs only that of an Earth citizen.

Division and destruction can be guaranteed by that separation from the one. Our roots and our future are seeded within Mother Earth and her nature. All beyond that is of man’s doing and today is the result"

Colin Andrews - See more at:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In the name of your God, stop the slaughter of these children. Israel must mature and use its military might responsibly. This madness must be stopped.

29 July 2014  Colin Andrews pleads today to US Government Representatives.

In the name of your God PLEASE step forward.

Dear Senator Blumenthal, (US Senate)

I am writing out of despair and as a caring, non violent American. I can not sit back another day and watch Israel slaughter hundreds of innocent Palestinians - for any reason.  Its time to cut loose discussion and negotiation based upon the politics, the nationalism, the Hamas tactics, the history and the anger. Israel has superior military might but lacks the skills or desire to bring about a cessation of this bloodshed to the innocent.  As the world policeman the US has carved itself out to be, we must somehow step between the two sides to save the children and woman along with their homes, many now blown into huge black holes. 

As I said I am not a violent man and yet I feel real anger, how must these 3 million imprisoned people feel.  Today the Israeli army blew up the power station, now they have severally compromised water supplies and no power.  This is intolerable and we the people must act NOW to stop the insanity of the Israeli forces.  Most agree that Hamas missiles should cease, this can be easily achieved by the large Israeli ground forces without mass casualty's.  PLEASE use your influence to effect humanitarian steps needed urgently. 

You are one person I trust who comes from heart and sound and caring mind.  Thank you for your time Richard.

We have to change this world and this is a key element. I saw the Pope tearing up about this Sunday, we all are that anxious and emotional.  This time bomb must be attended to. 

Best wishes - Colin Andrews, Guilford. CT

Pleads for help also sent to Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro:

Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Planet Is Changing, we must not ignore this moment. Stop the arguing – Colin Andrews

Stop the arguing folks, just let us do what species do when they sense a threat i.e. pull together. Because whether it is human created or nature taking her course, we are about to experience very difficult challenges on Earth.

Unmanageable heat or cold, extreme floods or drought do not need a name or a political color to stop them happening. We don’t need to show who is right or wrong to make this easier for ourselves and for all other species who are looking desperately in our direction.

Let’s get it together, we are at a crossroads and which road we take now will define the outcome for our children.

We are all in this together – there will be no escaping our idiocy, unless we see the error of our ways.

Arguing about whether its healthier to be eating organic foods over those sprayed with chemicals or genetically modified or whether it’s encouraging high efficiency energy generation to rid the planet of fossil fuels, most would logically agree these are no brainers, unless you are a company heavily invested in making profits, no matter what. The mind-set itself is unsustainable and must not be permitted to speak for us all and the planet.

Idiocy has no bounds and its day is done – enough.  Yes, like it or not we all share the same home.

Let’s get to work, forgiveness and compassion for all is the key but place your dollars where you see the common sense shining through this fog.

Money and power might feel good if you are in the 1% and have become used to squeezing just a little more out of the people and the planet but only 100% of us put to work with morals in place will make it work for everyone as these dramatic changes take hold – Colin

Substantial updates coming soon at: Colin Andrews Research –

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Colin Andrews and Synthia Andrews live Sandie Sedgebeer Show

LIVE Broadcast : Noon Pacific/3.0 PM Eastern, US - March 13, 2014.  A 1 Hr Special:Listen to Show

Telepathic Communication: The Best Way to Beat Government Spying? It’s Not as Crazy as You Think with Colin and Synthia Andrews

Best known for his research into the crop circle & UFO subjects since 1983, Colin Andrews’ research results indicate that those who are concerned about Government spying, interference, and stealth methods of control have good reason to be.

But if you think you’re powerless to protect yourself against such high level intrusion, think again.  For all of us have access to a profound (yet often overlooked) set of tools, which, when developed, can not only circumvent any attempts to invade our privacy, but also help us to empower our relationships and our lives.

In this episode Colin Andrews and Synthia Andrews not only share some of the true stories and developments in the mind-steps that we, as a species, are currently taking, but also offer practical information and exercises to help increase our energetic communication tools, develop our innate telepathic and psychic abilities,  and get more comfortable with some of the radical changes that are impacting us right now.

COLIN ANDREWS is a visionary and 30-year veteran investigator of unusual phenomena. Best known for his work with crop circles, Colin is responsible for discovering the correlation between patterns of RADAR interference and weather conditions in Australia. The author of eight books, Colin is currently involved in investigating consciousness and non-ordinary reality. (

SYNTHIA ANDREWS is a naturopathic physician, energy intuitive and author of five books on healing, energy and consciousness, including The Path of Energy and the Path of Emotions.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Has Climate Change Reached Its 'd' Day? CHANGED

Dramatic changes are taking place around the globe. Strange changes are being repeated in the Jet Stream which all this winter have resulted in exstreme weather effects.  In the USA severe cold and snow, directly coupled to systems to the east, in the United Kingdom severe rain, winds and floods - that pattern is setting up again as this is posted.

In my view it is conceivable that in the blink of an evolutionary eye,what we have commonly termed 'Climate Change' has reached its 'd' day, i.e. 'Climate Changed' .

I have just posted several new articles on: The changes in the jet stream, the effects in the USA and UK and some of the immediate effects elsewhere.  On the one hand we see severe snow storms and exceptional cold in the USA (68" of snow total so far in Chicago), daytime high temperature of -3F forecast for Minneapolis next Monday and terrible floods in UK, worst seen in 268 years.  The huge waves pounding the west coast of UK have revealed a 5,000 years old, Bronze Age forest.  Change is rapid and accelerating.  Go to New Postings page on my website:  HERE
It is conceivable that in the
blink of an evolutionary eye,
what we have commonly
termed 'Climate Change' has
reached its
'd' day,
i.e. 'Climate Changed'. - See more at:

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Crop Circle Season ends with Super Chip in California Field - Colin Andrews

Each year in the subject of crop circles there is a theme or a single story that speaks to the events of the year. There were several significant stories during 2013 that set new directions for this decades old subject. Apart from the brilliance of human circle makers, there is the discovery of a far more profound and almost impossible realization to communicate outside of personal experience. Our book 'On the Edge of Reality' goes to the root of the big story behind the story and the one that will become the new study of consciousness in the near future. In the closing days of the 2013 season came a big media buzz about a complex crop circle, discovered in a field of cereal at Chualar, California. I was in England when this was reported but recognized many indications that it was man made and the likely creators, people known to me. When the media frenzy reached fever pitch and my email inbox started to fill with people asking what I thought, I made the call. My suspicions confirmed. See the 2013 crop circle season and the creation of the Chualar design on my website here.

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 and Colin Andrews is Changing Gears.

January 4, 2014
HAPPY NEW YEAR - I had to leave England a day early to return before a major winter storm hit the US east coast.  I just made it, as snow flakes began to fall in New York and the winds increased with temperatures dropped out the bottom of the mercury tube.  With the lowest temperatures in two decades about to settle in behind the storm, I experienced what is likely fast becoming the new norm.  I left England also in severe gales and flooding rains and a very hairy roar down the runway at London's Heathrow.  Sitting at the rear of the aircraft I could see and feel the snaking cabin as winds swiped the departing Delta flight.

After thirty years, 2014 is my time to switch gears. I will take part in very few radio and TV interviews for no other reason than some of the biggest mysteries I have researched have been solved and brief interviews don't do credit to the findings. I encourage those who are interested, to read the astounding findings in 'On the Edge of Reality'. It takes reading the entire book to appreciate the incredible significance of these findings.  There is more here than I ever imaged all those years ago when my research began. This website will act as my primary window to the world as well as presentations at venues where I am invited to speak. - See more at: