Sunday, November 3, 2013

Powerful end to Radio Amerika Now interview with Synthia and Colin Andrews

Radio Amerika Now
Live Interview November 2, 2013
Posted Nov 3, 2013
"On the Edge of Reality is one of the most comprehensive books Ive ever seen on the paranormal phenomena" – 
Host Barb Adams

 Listen to the one hour interview which closed out with.............
"When we truly understand that love is
the only force, all life is family and
Earth is our Mother, we will find peace." - 
Synthia Andrews

"We are on the Crossroads and the
beginning of a new conversation, this is
our moment and we must grasp it" - 
Colin Andrews

To listen to a recording of the show visit my website where you can also check the media schedule.  The book continues to receive glowing reviews.  We are honored and so pleased the work has served to start a new conversation about humanity and its future with other forms of intelligence.