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Crop Circles and Colin Andrews - John Kerry and US military case to strike Syria - What is missing?

Updated Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The British National Newspaper Today – August 27, 2013
Crop circles, Syria and John Kerry: why we don't believe our rulers any more.
My comments on the Telegraph website is #99 at 9.47 am and printed below:

It’s Colin Andrews here. 

The last thing I ever imagined was finding myself named in a
national newspaper as an example of why the public should seriously question the truthfulness of John Kerry and the United States case now being laid out for a military strike in Syria.  John Kerry and the call to war and Colin Andrews and crop circles are as far apart comparisons as any one could imagine.  There is more that should be said then this column has room today.

In my defense and briefly, for thirty years I was doing what another blogger inferred, was the job the journalists should have been doing: digging as deep as I could, with little help, into what presented itself as a mystery.  What this journalist somehow missed is that thirteen years ago I stood in front of TV cameras and shared my most recent findings. I announced that around 80% of the crop circles were manmade, leaving, at that time in 2000, around 20% we could still not resolve. In other words, when I found I was wrong, that an explanation for the circles existed, I announced it. When has a politician or journalist ever done that?

Strangely coincidental to this extraordinary headline in the Telegraph, today my new book, ‘On the Edge of Reality’, was released. In it I explain that most, if not all, circles are human made and describe why I think the crop circles provide a field for interaction with something beyond human circle makers. Credible scientists have strongly endorsed the book as can be seen on my website and the cover of the book.

For the record I do agree that we have every reason to be highly skeptical and question our politicians.  The difference between them and me is that I don’t belong to any organization or party, nor do I have any ulterior motive beyond investigating truths about how our world works. In addition, I have always made the progress of my findings public.
The real point is that my sincere quest for truth behind the crop circles was communicated to the public at every step, yet, when I announced on BBC TV in 2000 the level of hoaxing, large portions of the media ignored it and continued to hype the phenomenon for juicy headlines, the Telegraph included.  It was me who was was doing the real journalism. At this moment when the world seems to be coming unglued, the public expects better of these same journalists. they should be digging deeply into the chemical attack on hundreds of innocent people in Syria, not comfortably sitting behind their desks in London, concocting a strange story about crop circles and the case for another war. As with the 2003 war in Iraq, who is it that is doing a bad job here?

Humanity is at a crossroads and finding the truth in this quagmire of lies and deception is profoundly important. 
 Colin Andrews Facebook entry today – below:

Its a very important moment in the discussion about truth v deception.  This extraordinary national article in the British newspaper 'The Telegraph' pitches me and crop circles with John Kerry and the United States case for a military attack on Syria.  I never in my wildest dreams ever expected my name to be used in such a way. I'm pleased this journalist is making the point that this is a critical moment and we should seriously question the 'FACTS' and truth behind actions which could put this planet into a very serious conflict (again).  I'm not pleased that he has apparently been blind to the fact that my long search for the truth behind the crop circles has been shared with the public at every stage.  When I could prove most of them were manmade in 2000 I went onto BBC television and said so.  Its also missing in this piece today, that the deeper mystery within the crop circles, i.e. The human circlemakers, researchers and all human activity across all subjects is in crisis, a crisis of identity brought about by the exact conclusions coincidentally published in my new book this week, 'On the Edge of Reality' - we have reached the Crossroads and the crop circles showed today that they did their job. My comment on the Telegraph site is #99. The journalist who wrote this can be reached on his Twitter account.  Go to the story to follow up if you are interested.  The next few days could be very interesting, if not distressing.
Sean Thomas, the journalist who wrote the piece for The Telegraph has responded:

Colin, it's Sean Thomas here - the author of the blog.

First, let me salute you for commenting. Takes guts.

Second, let me assure you that the blog was not aimed at you personally: I was merely using crop circles as an analogy (unusual but illuminating, I hope) with the 2nd Iraq War.

In both cases we were being asked to believe something quite outlandish: 1. that unseen forces were making circles in English wheatfields, 2. that a brutal invasion of a non-threatening country which MIGHT have WMD would be a good idea.

In both cases, despite all the doubts and skepticism, the proponents won the day, at first - because they had authority. No one was able to prove you wrong, initially, about circles being non-man-made; no one was able to prove Blair and Bush wrong, about WMD or the Iraq war (pus they had all the moral authority then inherent in senior politicos).

At it happened the skeptics in both cases were right. Some of us should have listened to them earlier.

Anyway, there we are. Thanks again for having the bravery to comment. And thanks for giving me a few nice days tramping around Hampshire, in the sun, looking at lovely patterns in ripe golden wheat...

Colin's reply on Telegraph website:

Thank you for getting back to me Sean, I appreciate it. I would just say however that it should be pointed out that unlike the politicians and my earlier years assessment of the crop circles, I did announce my findings when they proved large scale hoaxing, something the US and UK governments are still fighting against admitting all these years later. I think we both agree that we must be much more critical in our willingness to accept their reasoning this time around.  The way your piece reads, I am thrown under the sword as a deceiver and that has never been the case.  In my instance history shows I simply shared with the public my own private research and that included the hoaxing which is fully covered in my new book - and its not that straight forward either but for another day.   Thanks for reacting to my comment.  Colin


Blogger : mcd

Today 03:26 AM

I back up Colin Andrews here: I've studied his work and the crop circle phenomenon in quite some detail and I would like to support his statement, above, "...unlike the politicians and my earlier years assessment of the crop circles, I did announce my findings when they proved large scale hoaxing..." One of the most impressive aspects of Mr. Andrew's work, you will discover if you get into it deeply enough, is his integrity.

Also a strong reaction from the Presenter of top show on KGRA radio, Jeff Ritzmann:
NOTE: Colin and Synthia will appear on his show 'Paranormal Waypoint' on Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 11.0 pm - 1.0 am Eastern : http://www.paranormalwaypoint.com/crop-circles-and-attacks-on-syria/