Saturday, August 31, 2013

Colin Andrews: This Fight For Sanity Begins Today - Interview with Shirley Maclaine and also New Dawn next issue.

Tomorrow - September 1, 2013: Exclusive 1 hr recorded interview with Colin and Synthia Andrews on the Shirley Maclaine Show. To air on Sunday, September 8, read media schedule on website for more details. 
An excellent interview about the new book 'On the Edge of Reality' is in the top Australian magazine 'New Dawn' - Sept-Oct issue which is available in most news stands after tomorrow. 
  Lastly, the new CD 'Action Moves People' has been released and getting accolades such as these: "I whole heartedly support the producers' excellent efforts, that were put into the album, Action Moves People. I think it's well done, promoting a better future for everyone, and I'm all for that." - Paul Simon.

"Action Moves People is a very fine collection of work, for a fine cause. That is, to improve the lives of young people. No one can disagree with that idea. I especially like the positive feeling of the track, A World Made For Me And You." 
- Billy Vera, Grammy Winning Singer/Songwriter and Music Historian

Colin is proud to have been invited to write and perform one of the poems in this very exciting project, along with Todd Secki who compiled and performed the accompaniment ( #29). The CD can be heard free of charge on the  Action Moves People website or go to my website today. This fight for sanity has just begun. Join the gang at