Monday, July 8, 2013

Entry Passes to visit the crop circles in Wiltshire, England just as they suddenly vacate the fields to the beaches miles away in Somerset. A new phase in the making!

 As predicated by my research, the crop circle season in England is experiencing a sudden turning point.

Just as in all other fields of human activity, as we face our own demons and embrace the truth surrounding the subject, it becomes obvious to the informed that this is indeed ‘The Crossroads’.

Access to Crop Circles in Wiltshire, England must now be one of the following:

Approach the farmer for  permission or:

2. Purchase an access pass from a new organization who have authority to grant access only to those farmers who agreed to cooperate. Unfortunately most of them have not and these have said they will cut out circles as soon as they are discovered.

If you choose to purchase from organization one these are the charges;

Day pass: £10, introductory offer this year of £7,50

Week pass: £30, introductory offer this year of £20

Season Pass: £60 , introductory offer this year of £40.

You can read about the background to this plan and the people involved on my website’s 2013 Crop Circle page.

3. There are a handful of farmers who have agreed through a second organization to permit access if a circle appears on their land and in these cases someone will be at the field to collect two pounds entrance fee. To be clear, if you have purchased a permit from organization one whether that is a day, week or 60 pound season ticket, this will not give you access to these fields – that will cost an additional fee.

As of posting, 8th July 2013, there are no crop circles in the fields that farmers have authorized entry.  There are a handful with no access agreed.  The very most attractive patterns are on the sand beach in Somerset and constructed by the amazing crop circle maker of the past 20 years, one Julian Richardson who agreed to an interview and share some interesting revelations in my new book to be published next month, ‘On the Edge of Reality’ – the book will be published on five continents and tackles Intelligence and consciousness in ways not seen before.

2013 in the fields of Wiltshire is further proof that a persuasive force much greater than the minds of the crop circle makers is interacting with humans across the entire profile of our lives and that of our planet

But this year in the wonderful English and Dutch countryside, the whole dynamic of fun, pleasure and a day with nature and mystery has gone. It took 30 years to reach this point, but I have to believe that someone somewhere knows just what they are doing!!


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