Thursday, May 9, 2013

BREAKING NEWS - NEXT IT'S THE UNITED NATIONS for Citizen Hearing on UFO files - Colin Andrews


The hearings placed into the public domain a great deal of evidence.  It also demonstrated what we are all up against in our search for truth and justice on this subject of UFOs and disclosure - see updates and comments by David Haith and Colin Andrews

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Dedication to Busty Taylor on his 70th Birthday - Colin Andrews

Busty and I have been good friends for nearly 30 years, in fact since he discovered his first set of crop circles in 1985 which was during a flight south of the town where we both lived, Andover in southern England.  It was Busty who introduced me to Pat Delgado and Don Tuersley and Dr. Terence Meaden.

Busty is a professional driving instructor of many years standing, a light Aircraft Pilot, crop circle and UFO researcher, photographer, dowser and has an intense interest in local archeology. He has made several
unique discoveries of unknown archaeological sites during his flights.

He invented the pole method of taking elevated photographs of crop circles, a system copied by many since.

Busty is what I always call a 'doer' meaning a person who is a natural organizer, a party maker, the guy who sorts things out while others are still thinking about it.  I owe him for hundreds of hours of his time and his safe flying skills, which enabled me getting up in the sky to record those early years of crop circles, along with Pat, and Terence.  To see the full dedication with photographs, please visit my website.