Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KEST San Francisco special interview by Scout Bartlett with Colin Andrews

Special interview on San Francisco radio KEST 1450 AM by Scout Bartlett with Colin Andrews about his presentation this weekend at The New Living Expo in San Francisco.  The presentation is called 'Crop Circles: Stepping stones to the Edge of Reality' - This presentation is a door opener to the major book release on five continents in August this year - 'On the Edge of Reality' - New Page Books.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crop Circles according to Wikipedia - a serious distortion of the history

Three new entries into my website April 24, 2013
Crop Circles according to Wikipedia:
The corruption of facts and our history by Wikipedia is a serious issue, if you care about them. Unlike  Wikileaks who uncovered truths and could still have long term positive influence on our future, its near  name-sake, wikipedia will not, the way its going. The idea started off as a great one but its accuracy  depended upon integrity in our add or subtracting information. For those in our ranks who have an axe to grind though, the exact opposite is what they have in mind, they it seems will destroy this concept. I published some concerns on Jan 5, 2010. My own place in crop circle history is a good example of what is happening.
'Sorry Grace - The NRA lied the moment away'. The world will be as shocked as most Americans to learn that an opportunity to make high capacity guns illegal was scuttled by deliberate lies told by the gun  lobby, i.e. The National Rifle's Association (NRA). The NRA and a handful of self centered congressman put themselves ahead of the lives lost like those of 'Grace' and her school friends at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut and thousands of others since then. See below 'Sorry Grace' updated.

Colin will present 'Crop Circles - Stepping stones To the Edge of Reality' at the New Living Expo in San Francisco this weekend. This will be a door opener to his new book, co-written with Synthia which is to be a major publication on four continents this August. Dedicated to his good friend Reg Presley, who passed away on February 4th, 2013  

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