Monday, March 18, 2013

Urgent Appeal for Bright Garlic

During the last four or five years Ive corresponded with a very interesting young family man known on the Internet and his blog site as Bright Garlic, from Australia. He has been fighting a very rare and serious form of cancer and his wife also.

Today I received a desperate email appeal for help, which I promised I would post. Please visit my new postings for today 19th March, 2013.

Chemtrails is one of the most important subjects for everyone during 2013. I thank my friend Dr. Mel for sending an informative video, just posted.
Computer and Website problems of the last week or more are now resolved.  The main problem was with Yahoo SiteBuilder but the arrival of a new computer with Windows 8 was about the worst thing to have happened at that moment.  In short, I hate Windows 8, so much so I returned the computer and purchased a Samsung, running on Windows 7 – now stability and calmer minds have returned.
Synthia and I have finished our new book ‘On the Edge of Reality’, New Page Books, which will be published in August.  Orders are already being taken at  This is the most important project I have undertaken in my 30 years of research.  We are very pleased with it and the reviewers and endorsements are extremely encouraging.