Sunday, March 3, 2013

Colin Andrews: Something Important Is Happening - Our People Are Waking and Preparing to Lead.

Something important is happening. Our people are waking.

Synthia and my new book 'On the Edge of Reality' will be published in August, 2013 and all the signs are that its on the time line and will form part of a large scale movement across the face of our planet - brewing as we speak.  For those who wish to preorder.

As we say in the book: "We can influence the world with heart-felt intention. It requires two essential elements. First, that we begin by working on our own inner issues and polarities to become clear in our motives, needs and intent.

Second, that we approach this work with sincere honesty and love. With these accomplished, we are well placed to lead our leaders.

The fact that people are feeling the need to help change future conditions is a good sign; even better are the results showing that the process works.“ – Synthia and Colin Andrews.

Today and part of the changes now underway is the announcement of the premeire of the  extraordinary 
movie 'Sirius' - check out new postings on my website.