Friday, March 29, 2013

Alive Inside and The Path of Emotions: Colin Andrews

The first butterfly of the year on the farm, which is always a sight that impacts me. 
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From NASA, comes news that a comet could strike Mars next year and have significant and permanent Effects.
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Alive Inside - For around $20 an mp3 player plus headset for peanuts, can make this difference to our elderly, locked away from loved ones and living in their heads.  We should try hard to make things better than this. And very much related is a new interview with Dr. Synthia Andrews, about her new book 'The Path of Emotions'. A must listen.
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The Troggs 'Reg Presley'. A memorial will be erected in his home town, Andover, England. As many who visit my site know, Reg who died recently was my best friend.  We both lived and were brought up in the same town in Hampshire, England and shared many common interests.

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