Sunday, February 24, 2013

The website will soon return to cutting edge subject matter - The book ready to be published

Synthia and I have worked very hard writing our new book 'On the Edge of Reality' and its days away from heading to the publishers for final edit.  New Page Books are excited about the book and so are we.

This for me is the book that hits the right spot, at the right time and allows us to see the world we are living in, through a new lens.

Keep your eyes on my website new postings page in the coming days for major updates - as we all know, our planet is changing and our morphic field is too - something quite extraordinary is afoot.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dedicated to my friend Reg Presley: Colin Andrews presentation 'On The Edge of Reality'- Los Angeles This Weekend.

Colin will present 'On The Edge Of Reality' which he describes as the first stepping stone to the findings of his work to be published in a new book of that title later this year. Written with Synthia his wife, publishers New Page Books anticipate a best seller, with its ground breaking findings supporting another intelligence working with humans in ways that have been overlooked. He will make a 90 min presentation at the Expo at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles and also appear on the UFO panel.

Reg Presley, Sänger von The Troggs heute gestorben - Link unten
Reg Presley, cantante de The Troggs murió hoy - enlace de abajo
レッグ·プレスリー、Troggsリードシンガーは、今日死にました - 下記のリンク

You are welcome to attend - go to link here: