Thursday, January 3, 2013

21 December, 2012: The Media Blew up Their Own Creation i.e. The ‘End of the World’ Myth

. . .  While Quietly in the Yucatan the Mayan Elders Welcomed the New Cycle and Synthia and I were there to Witness it.

Don’t allow the media smoke screen sham and their callous disrespect for the Maya culture and prophecy to lose sight of the incredible accuracy of the real end of cycle activity they described. All logged and recorded in the pages of the 2012 Debate on my website and in The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012. No serious researcher of the subject ever thought or said that the world would end on 21 December 2012, only the idiots in Hollywood and the media said that and then used their own creation to demolish the beliefs and studies of the Maya people and their culture – shame on them.

The current media is going down the plug hole along with the politicians, the banks and multinational thieves who have brought us to the end of the old cycle of human activity – just as the scholarly Maya astrologers and astronomers foresaw. 

Its as real as real that the economies of the western world are crumbling along with great countries like the USA and Great Britain and many others in close tow. Its as real as real that the planet is under great stress by the actions of too many people and its as real as real that human kind is being confronted by the results of long term actions based upon greed, power and disrespect for others and the planet. Its as real as real that our weather and climate is sinking our coastal cities and millions are now at risk….and much more (read the site for details).

Read my website and see the photos taken in the Yucatan: 

 Only when we get real will we see where and how we arrived here but also real is that we are left struggling to find new feet to take us to a much better place – The World of the 5th Sun where this is all transitioning to.

The new period for humanity, will not be with the old style politicians or government systems, it will not be with the greedy CEO or illegal actions of corrupt banks and businesses, it will not be with maneuvers favored and written by old men in wigs for an outdated time, it will be by the children who we have let down and who are most venerable today.  It wont either be with the misdirected and self appointed authority wielded by organizations like the national rifle association (NRA) in the USA.

A new time is upon us – just as the Maya predicted. Those who have most to lose are those who lead us here.

For those of good heart and good intentions, rejoice because your time has arrived.
Posted January 2, 2013