Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012 and a new cycle of change coming into focus - A Historic Day For Palestine

Today New York -- The United Nations General Assembly endorsed an upgraded U.N. Status for the Palestinian Authority, despite intense opposition from the United States and Israel. Change for good continues to take place. The old power blocks are falling, the order of status is in transition across the scale from super power to the formerly unrecognized. As predicted on this website and in my public presentations for nearly three decades, we are now in transition between an old outdated cycle during which we were manipulated and controlled by the super rich who via their wealth gained early control of the reigns to the Industrial military complex and paid their way to favours to secure the old boys club that they became.

Its over - The Cross Roads and a new future is on the close horizon. Those who have perpetrated the biggest crimes on humanity through financial and political crimes are now on the wrong side of history. And the changes will continue. Visit

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Superstorm Sandy, Winter storm Athena - Colin Andrews

The extreme weather continues to effect us here on the US east coast.

We experienced direct hits from the super storm Sandy and followed days later by winter storm Athena - both storms first of their kind on record.  This follows other extremes and records here in the last year.  Its hard to endure the sight of what are now twenty fully mature large trees downed on our property alone since we moved in six years ago.

I managed to take a few photographs locally after roads were cleared, they can be seen on the website here:

My new book, being written now with Synthia, is totally relevant to the period we are living and as the climate and social changes escalate it becomes more so.  The book is called 'The Edge of Reality' and will be published during 2013.  The writing has been very hard during a year of serious health issues and losses in both my families in the UK and USA and further disrupted by these weather events but it remains top priority to complete.

I thank sincerely the wonderful emails Ive received by many regular visitors, whom I consider friends and I know that you are missing the regular website updates on the subjects we share interest and concerns in. 

We will be back on track as soon as the book is submitted to Career Press.

For anyone who feels like taking a short break from a heavy year to join like minds on the 2012 Mayan Cruise next month, the organisers tell me that places are still available. No doubt Synthia and I will be still writing while on board but we will be there. I will make a presentation on board during the return voyage from the Yucatan. While in many ways it seems inappropriate to be relaxing during such drastic times, there is great value though in joining with like minds and experiencing the Mayan land during the pivotal period that they foresaw.

All current updates, new wildlife photos, Sandy and Athena and the details on the Cruise, can be found on the website.