Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Report: Robbert van den Broeke

Investigation is Concluded into material Posted on the Websites of Robbert van den Broeke and BLT Research.
September 19, 2012
The investigations into several images produced by Robbert van den Broeke and posted on his website and that of BLT Research have been concluded.
In view of the nature of these findings along with our assessment that they reveal possible future events, it has been decided not to make the report public at this time.
If the events indicated through this investigation occur, the entire report will be made public immediately.
The investigation is now closed.

P.J.O'Brien of gtechinvestigations
Colin Andrews Research

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out: Colin Andrews
"If I am to stop being conscience driven for the rest of my life, to understand why the official government finding on the 9/11 World Trade Center attack don’t tally, please somebody explain to me how two planes brought down three building, and vertically" - Colin Andrews