Monday, July 30, 2012

The great peace maker and famous elder from Mexico, Tlakaelel has passed away - Colin Andrews

Tlakaelel kept telling his friend and interpreter Bert Gunn that the 26 July would be a good day to die.

In April of 1997, Tlakaelel, along with the His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, was an important
part of the Inter Traditions Assembly held in Arvillard, France. This Assembly was attended by 7500 people, and has been filmed for worldwide distribution. Tlakaelel was instrumental in the founding of the Circle of United Traditions, which is now based at the Karma Ling Institute in Arvillard, France.
Synthia and I send our condolences to Tlakaelel's family and friends. Also a special hug for Bert Gunn who has been such a dedicated friend and supporter as well as first class interpreter for Tlakaelel during his travels around the world. It has been our honor to be friends with them both.

This extraordinarily intelligent man held great knowledge of his peoples and their traditions as well as being a major advocate of peace and goodwill.

We would meet Tlakaelel and Bert when they were in our part of the United States as well as visit the archeological sites and crop circles in England with them on several occasions.

Tlakaelel spent a great deal of time in two crop circles he found particularly intruiging near Silbury Hill, where he also performed a special ceremony with us before making our way into the design.
This we did again in the 'Julia Set' crop circle a few years later next to Stonehenge.