Sunday, July 15, 2012

Messages for Colin Andrews From Two More Deceased Friends, says Medium Robbert van den Broeke

A statement was posted on July 13th by medium Robbert van den Broeke on his website concerning myself and messages from two more of my deceased friends, former crop circle researchers. Today (15th) BLT , who are working with Robbert, have posted a new version of what transpired. Because this directly is aimed at me and involves deceased good friends and distressed families, I feel duty bound to respond. Out of respect for them this will be my last word on this particular matter:

I find myself embroiled in what has to be one of the most intriguing and revealing paranormal disputes ever. This began with an event reported on this website on May 15, 2012 ( Link ) regarding medium Robbert van de Broeke who claimed to have received images and messages from deceased crop circle researcher Pat Delgado, a very good friend and co-author with me of the first book written on crop circles, Circular Evidence.

As stated in my original report, the content and tone of the message bore no relation to Pat Delgado and was upsetting to me and the family. My criticism of Robert’s methods and ethics, along with conveyance of the Delgado family’s concern and belief of “trickery” resulted in a maelstrom. Events have escalated with yet another paranormal event reported by Robert van de Broeke in the form of messages from and images of two more deceased crop circle researchers and friends of mine, Paul Vigay and David Kingston.
Read the entire report plus a Challenge just made to Robbert by a former British journalist :