Monday, July 30, 2012

Medium Robbert van den Broeke: Spiritual Integrity Is What Is In Question - Colin Andrews

In the ongoing debate over the messages received by Robbert van de Broeke from deceased crop circle researchers, it has been suggested that I remove any criticism of Robbert and Nancy Talbott from my website. It has also been suggested that the words used by those whose views are presented on my site and whose websites I have linked to, must necessarily be mine.

My website is an open forum: I frequently post my research or pose a question then present the variety of opinions that result. This discussion is no different. My initial posting (link) after the alleged message from Pat Delgado and Dave Chorley incorporates the research and opinions of other investigators and their conclusions and words including:

• A report from Dr. Roger Wibberley at the University of London who discovered that the images in Robbert’s photographs of Pat and Dave could both be found in a 1991 BBC interview. His reasoning and comments, such as that Robbert’s images were ‘fakes’ are his own.

• A statement from the Delgado family about their feelings which included the term ‘trickery.’ This was their word; however, I stand by the statement and believe the emotional impact of seeing this claim on the internet could have been mitigated to some degree if the family had been directly contact by Robbert beforehand. The public internet should not be a family mail box.

• An article researching the Pat and Dave images from the website ‘Thrive Debunked’ (link) which concluded that the images are ‘fake’. Again, their word.

• An opinion page from respected British Researcher Andrew Russell making a case for ‘objectivity’ and his coverage of this situation with personal comments.

• A skeptical opinion page on the website ‘Leaves that Whither’ which takes the view that ‘fakery’ is involved.

• I also link to the BLT website and Robbert’s website, and we know I don’t agree with the statements they provide.

This site will continue to post relevant research results. At this time no one has submitted any research to substantiate Robbert’s claims; however, I will gladly post any that are sent. This is not to say that people haven’t sent emails supporting Robbert’s honesty and talent; they have. I have also received emails in support of my position. At this time I see no reason to post anything other than investigative research or links to other postings.

I fully believe in spiritual reality and in the spiritual presence of the deceased. Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and other forms of after-death communication provide provocative direction. Having been informed of the Scole experiments some years ago by scientists involved, I have seen firsthand how essential well-designed scientific protocols can be in researching this realm. I am fully prepared to believe Robbert is a talented medium.

However, I know that even excellent mediums can get things wrong. They can be influenced by others, their messages can be reflective of their own subconscious, or they can be intercepted by mischievous spirits. One will remember that the scientific studies which were involved with the Scole experiments had to be abandoned because negative forces hijacked the mediums. Consequently, I gage the accuracy of information with four key questions:

Is the message true to the spiritual voice of the deceased being represented?

Does it provide useful information as opposed to carrying on personality disputes?

Does the message inspire people as opposed to manipulating?

Does the message uplift the receiver or does it aggrandize, promote or elevate the messenger?

I leave people to answer these questions as they relate to this case for themselves, or even decide if
the questions are relevant. For me, related to this transmission, the answers are clear.

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