Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Crop Circles & The People: By Colin Andrews

The worst on record and hardly qualify for the exquisite nature of the phenomena of the past
thirty years.

With Holland and the ongoing saga of self proclaimed medium Robbert van den Broeke taking center stage, its ironic that in his small band of followers , that well known controversial film maker Suzanne Taylor again sets forth more hatred towards others who disagree with her views, including myself. just as Robbert himself says that "unconditional love" is the message he claims came to him with one of the latest crop circles. Which incidentally he knew was coming.
In the last few weeks Nancy Talbott of BLT has touted claims by Robbert that he has captured images of my deceased friend Pat Delgado and also deceased hoaxer of the 80s Dave Chorley much to the shock and disappointment of Pat Delgado's family who issued a statement calling it Trickery.. More below.
Circles in recent weeks have been reported in Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Czech Republic, Sicily, The Netherlands and England.
My continued thanks to the Crop Circle Connector Website and photographer Steve Alexander. I hope to be able to visit those in England soon.
The real work goes on as the egos and show biz fraternity get silly ramping up sales of DVDs.  I'm afraid consistent with many other subjects during this 2012 period, we have to shake off the fraud and myth makers before we can move forward with truth and yes 'Unconditional love'.
Following Suzanne Taylor's latest outburst I would like to correct a couple of the many untrue statements she has made. I'm sure some deliberately for maximum effect:
1. Anybody who has followed my research knows I have not researched this subject for just a couple of years, it will be 30 years next month.
2. Regards  the BLT findings in the Edmonton, Canada formation which I was well aware did not extend to UK. BLT findings were that statistically significant findings were found in the more simple designs, exactly what I also found from a very different study of simple designs in UK during 1999 and 2000 - these also showed the more simple designs were likely not to have been made by people.
My point was that BLT and my results showed agreement in that simple designs are more likely of the whole, to be non-man made.
3. I did not claim the BLT report of images of Pat Delgado and Dave Chorley on cameras operated by Robbert van den Broeke was Trickery - this statement was made directly by Pat Delgado's family which I posted but I did agree with their view. That is an important difference.
4. Like anyone else I am allowed my opinion. No I have no absolute evidence that Robbert has hoaxed these images, its my opinion that he has - that is all, although the evidence presented by retired University of London lecturer Roger Wibberley is very compelling (See my website).  What I do know is that Pat and Dave are deceased and claims of their images with comments made by them beyond the grave place the burden of proof not with me but Robbert and Nancy Talbott. Lets get real.
5. Taylor says she is skeptical that Pat Delgado's relatives contacted me.  This is highly offensive to me and again Pats family. I would be taking a huge risk posting a statement which was not true, as she suggests especially because Pats daughter is a British magistrate and is the equivalent in the US as a low level judge. My tail would be on fire within minutes of making such a erroneous claim/statement.
This  aside and knowing how these people are using the good names of deceased love ones, nobody, Taylor, Talbott or even van den Broeke has picked up the phone to Pats family or written a single word of apology for their unprofessional and insensitive public announcements. They choose instead to attack the messenger who would have the nerve to question their claims. Such is the way of todays politics everywhere.
2012 does seem to be a mirror to us all for us to work harder on unconditional love and respect - with that I agree with Robbert.
I also want to ask those concerned, how will they feel if it is proven these images are faked?
If I am shown to be wrong about all this then I will be the first to apologize. I do admit that Robbert does appear to be a quiet gentle person.
It has crossed my mind that Robbert might not be his own boss in these matters?