Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have two family health emergencies - down for 12 days

I have two critical family health issues here in the United States and back in England.
Both the blog and website will probably suffer less attention than normal for 12 days.

Best wishes


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Family of Deceased Crop Circle Researcher Pat Delgado Issues Statement

The Family of Deceased Crop Circle Researcher Pat Delgado Issues a Statement Following Claims by a Medium and Paranormal Researcher Nancy Talbott To Have Made Contact with him - Its Trickery.

Nancy Talbott (BLT) and Robbert van den Broeke have made many claims, which have included capturing on digital photographs UFOs, animals of all kinds and even Elvis Presley. Robbert claims special knowledge of when and where crop circles will appear near his home and they have. I must though say that these have all been very un-impressive and highly reminiscent of many hoaxes Ive seen over the years.

Recently they claimed to have mysteriously captured clear images of my deceased friend and research colleague, Pat Delgado and crop circle maker David Chorley, of Doug and Dave fame. Both men are said to have given personal messages to Robbert and Nancy Talbott.

In light of the latest claims the Delgado family have issued a statement – Go to my website to read.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


My research two years ago into the strange Australian Radar Patterns suggested an association with secret HAARP and or weather modification experiments now appears to be vindicated following new developments.

News has surfaced that the Australian Government have given 10 Million dollars to a close relative of the infamous and out of favour Rupert Murdock, head of US Fox Network and the former UK News of the World newspaper, which is still subject of on-going illegal phone tapping investigations etc.

It was during my lone work two years ago that I said that there should be a full scale scientific investigation into apparent links I found between the Australian Radar Anomalies and sudden changes in the weather across the continent – Now it has surfaced that a close relative of Murdock has been awarded millions by the Australian Government to do further weather control projects. Now its official.

During my two year investigation into the mysterious radar patterns, many refused my conclusions even though my findings showed direct correlations between the patterns appearance and immediate weather modifications. I suggested HAARP and other government experiments were likely involved… . . Watch TV interview and recent developments on my website: