Thursday, March 29, 2012

UFO/USO - Encounter with ships. All electronics fail and ship mutilation takes place. Men in Black remove all data and media told to remain silent.

A full scale replica of a Viking ship, named ‘Thor” experienced a UFO and ship mutilation, also missing time during its maiden journey in the North Sea, and that’s only the half of it! – The Captain, Robert McDonald is still being threatened to remain silent. This story has to be heard to be believed and how it has remained a secret this long is in itself baffling.

While a close encounter was in progress and all electronic equipment (GPS, watches etc) had stopped working, a massive cargo ship arrived at the same spot and it too became involved in the high strangeness. Military aircraft circled overhead and lights danced around under the ship.  At one point the ship seemed to be lifted out of the water by the object under it.

On board ‘Thor’ was a full crew of children and a representative from Reuter’s news agency, while waiting at the dockside were other media who took photos and films when the ship was finally towed back to harbor. The media took photos and films as did the crew but they were removed along with the Captain’s log by men in black and were instructed not to speak about what had taken place.  Where are all the witnesses now? the photos? and the men in black who had an odd motif on the caps they wore? 

What started out as an exceptional project for children and made national news in 2007 has suddenly become an exceptional case of a close encounter with an Unidentified Submerged Object (UFO in the water).

As I post this story, there is very little to be found on the Internet about the incident and so for now we have details reported only by the captain of ‘Thor’ Robert McDonald, who has agreed to talk to me about this. More updates soon but for now listen to the captain on the Kevin Smith Show - select header above.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Postings: What Will It Take? - School Child Shows Why Organic is Important - Triple case of Life After Death

Three new postings on my website and be alert to new high activity from the Sun as trouble spins to face us again.

STAND UP FOR OUR FUTURE – BE APART OF THE SOLUTION. WHAT ON EARTH WILL IT TAKE ?. The movie Thrive HERE - Picking up the pace of course correction.

It takes our children now to lead the way. This simple experiment should be undertaken in every school and the parents and politicians should be forced to watch: School Project: The Importance Of Organic
HERE. Our children are my inspiration - Ive nearly given up on politicians and their rich lobbyist supporters who are failing our kids and the rest of us.

March 21, 2012
Life After Death - A rare triple sequence of events - select header above. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

UFO: British family had a strange close encounter with a mysterious light

Kids, Mum and Grandmother are deeply affected by something they can’t explain.

"I was aware of feeling so relaxed, like I couldn’t move".

"I remember we were commenting about the chimneys which stood out against the sky. Now when I think about it, that’s the last I remember".

Son #1:
You'd be happy to just sit there and look at it for ever"

Son #2:
"Just want it to land and go away with it"

Select header to see this bizarre case.

Monday, March 5, 2012

RED ALERT: 2012 Solar: Major X-Class Flare and could be tricky week.

A major solar flare reaching X1.1 peaked at 04:09 UTC early Monday morning.The flare was centered around Sunspot 1429 and produced a bright CME Entering a tricky period – watch out for Sunspot 1429.

STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY: Solar activity is now high. Big sunspot AR1429, which emerged on March 2nd, is crackling with strong flares. The strongest so far, an X1-class eruption, occurred just this morning, March 5th at 0413 UT.
- - -
I have just returned from the International UFO Congress but sadly have to fly tomorrow to attend the funeral of my former fire and rescue sub-officer, Jock Jenkins. I wanted to be with our family and to honor this man who gave extraordinary service to his community.

I will be back in the seat as long as our Sun behaves itself on the 16th.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Colin Andrews Awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award by the International UFO Congress

Synthia and I have just returned from the International UFO Congress in Arizona, one of the largest of its kind in the world.

There is a lot to report on, one new case simply astonishing if all the details pan out. I will report upon this as soon as the ground is set.

There looked to be around 2,000 attendees and it was great to catch up again with old friends.

I was deeply touched and honored to have been presented with The Lifetime Achievement Award following the film introduction now on my website.

To the many who have stood alongside me during this amazing journey - thank you so very much.