Thursday, January 5, 2012

The black hole of Britain! Mystery - Colin Andrews says "The High Strangeness History Has Been Overlooked

Villagers in Hampshire, near the world-famous Watership Down hill, fear they have become the latest victims of a ‘black hole’ mystery which has hit other parts of Britain.

One family, the Smiths, were baffled when their heating, shower, doorbell and even their cars' remote door locks refused to work and they discovered similar problems were being experienced by their neighbours in Kingsclere....

They spent much of the festive season without heating and lights after the failure of household systems that rely on digital technology,specifically radio-frequency identification (RFID)......... When the heating engineer finally arrived, he had to phone them from the doorstep to be let in because the doorbell, which also operated via a wireless connection, had failed.

When the engineer inspected their heating system he found that the fault was with the wireless communication system.

But when he returned to his van to collect a tool to try to fix the problem, his vehicle failed to unlock using the remote controlled key.....

The Hannington television and radio transmitter serves the surrounding
area, and the company responsible for it, Arqiva, admit that a strong
signal from it could affect RFID devices, but say on this occasion they
were not to blame. (NOW THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING. READ COLIN'S FOLLOW ON REPORT). Select heading to read full report.