Thursday, January 12, 2012

Australia starts 2012 with more mysterious radar interference - Severe storms and cyclone out of thin air.

Since Ive been researching these inexplicable radar patterns, what I’ve seen are the repeated appearance of interference patterns centered upon radar stations, which are quickly followed by rapid changes in the prevailing weather. For example, I’ve seen a 1,000 year record breaking drought change into a 100 year record flood for example in just hours. Cyclones manifest seemingly out of nowhere and even almost unheard of in these parts, earthquake activity following the the appearance of the radar designs. The Australian government’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) admit they are still investigating the source and remedy to these events.

As we can see once again just days into 2012, another sudden outbreak of strange inexplicable radar patterns accompanied quickly by severe weather.

As can be seen in this new posting, at 0000 hrs on the 10th January a rather innocent looking low pressure system with a central pressure of 1003 Mb formed off the NW coast. By 11.0 PM the same day it's central pressure had dropped to 998 Mb and by 5.0 AM the next day, the 11 Jan a new cyclone 'Heidi' had formed and was deepening quickly and threatening the world’s largest Iron Ore mines on the coast at Port Hedland.. This time a whole cluster of radar stations covering a huge area were affected by strange patterns as the new cyclone went into a nose dive in intensity. See full report by selecting header above.