Saturday, December 24, 2011

Smile and be Happy - 2012 Is Going To Be Very Different, so get used to it.

From Christmas Carols to Christmas itself and even arguing is going to be very different in 2012, so get used to it (smile) - select above.

Also see President Obama briefing card that resulted in the White House response to the E.T. petition.

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I would like to thank many thousands of you who have checked in regularly to my blog and website and for those who have made donations to my research also, thank you a million. Its very encouraging to know that we are doing this work together. You have participated in a big way and supplied invaluable facts and details to numerous discussions and investigations.

After nearly thirty years of research and the consistent indicators that we were heading towards a very pivotal stage on our planet, we have I believe now reached that place. While my comments above are stated in fun (we have to maintain our sense of fun), the next twelve months are going to be very challenging indeed for millions. It is my intention to continue with this work and to do my level best to inform, suggest and make available this window on the world for others.

I think the sad fact is that it will continue to be brave whistleblowers and the person in the street that change things for good on our planet, rather than politicians or the 1% who have finally been caught with their hands in the money jar only to ask for a top up - talk about in your face.

Together we will traverse the land, sea and sky to recover sanity, love and respect for our peoples around the planet. This would be a good time for our woman to step forward in even larger numbers.

Don’t forget the next radio interview is on The Veritas Show, last night of 2011. For those who missed Coast to Coast and Paratopia, these can be heard also on my website.

Happy Holidays and take care.

Colin Andrews at