Friday, December 16, 2011

On the Edge of a Hidden World: Our Genes Show That We Are The Product of Someone Elses Experiences

We are on the brink of uncovering a hidden world. Our genes show that we are the product of someone else's experiences. Is this the breakthrough into the mechansim of consciousness and the human road-map?

The study has focused upon the response of stress hormones produced by the experiences of the father and mother and found that a stressful experience of the father just before puberty and a similar event occurring to the mother just before birth, cause specific gene sets to turn either on or off and this gene sequence to be passed on to their children. The childred again passes this gene information to their child and so on. The fact that Grand-fathers and Grand-mothers pass emotional ghosts down the line to future generations raises very interesting insights into the possible process of evolving consciousness. We are the product of someone else's emotional experiences and in turn pass our own forward into future generations. If that is so for stress, why not love or any other emotional experience?

Is it that as a specie we have to not only project into the world love but to experience the emotion of love across the population pool for future generations to live it as a norm? I propose that is the case and that until we produce those new beings with the genetic ghosts of love wired into them for the future, we will continue to experience the impossibity of inserting ideas of love into our war machines.