Sunday, December 18, 2011

Colin Andrews self funding research and website ends 29 years: Appeal For Donations To Move into 2012

Please consider making a donation towards my research and website or buy a donated gift as a Christmas present. Supporters of my work have recently donated gifts to sell towards future research and I am so very grateful - wonderful pottery, photographs, paintings and solid silver crop circle pendants (See my website for details).

My family and I have self funded 27 years of the last 29 years of research ourselves but this has now to come to an end.

For many years I have spoken of a future period of chaos, transitioning into a new profound period for humanity. 2012 marks the GrandPhenalee and turning point and an important time for us to fully understand what is transpiring and what we should be doing. I will be doing all in my power to stay with the work at this most important time - The cross roads, exactly that moment we must fight back and change the way we do business on this planet.

Please help support this work, which goes on around the clock, as we now reach the very place I spoke of in my early television documentaries and presentations, all those years ago. My first video documentary Undeniable Evidence (1990) Spoke in clear terms of what was coming - NOW ITS HERE.

Thank you.