Saturday, December 31, 2011

Colin Andrews reveals some secrets in his final interview of the year. The Veritas Show

I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and immediately step aside to let Mel Fabregas of The Veritas Show take it away into 2012:
The joy of this Veritas interview is that Colin Andrews' crop circle research turns out to be the vehicle through which greater realities about ourselves and our world (and about him!) come into focus in a unique and beautiful way.

Crop circle confidante and counselor to British royalty (which they deny) and for decades now the world's authority on the mysterious manifestations, Andrews delivers a rare gift on this show. He reveals some of his own metaphysical experiences, secrets that he, like so many in the know, have had to hide from the world.

It's time to be honest and authentic, he says, to take responsibility for what's happening on this planet.

The central message of the crop circles, he explains, is .....Select above