Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colin Andrews: Lets turn this love into action by which we change this insanity.

We have to take back our democracy.

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Lets turn this love into action by which we change this insanity.

With so much pain, can we not see that we must take the love and work harder with it – Much work still to do but with that passion, that determination and that love, we can build a new way.

Thanks To Retired U.K. Journalist and my friend David Haith who sent this material to me and who has done more than most people know to educate,inform and open important debates. Soldiers of Conscience – PLEASE watch this.

In response to Dave Haith who sent me the material:

This made me cry Dave.

That young girl in hyper-ventilating state in sheer terror - this is what we are doing to our kids. They are all kids, the soldiers pulling the triggers and the innocent dragged out of their homes with no understanding of who is behind all this? There has to be a very dark dismal place where the road plans are set and these evil bastards then call upon our kids to do what they do not themselves.

Im going to post a piece but you know Dave, the changes that are taking place will reach a very dangerous line, a line which these very people will fight us to maintain.

Its another reason I so strongly support Occupy. Its the first time in many years I can see my own frustrations being reacted to - the voices of many at last being heard. When policeman and soldiers also start questioning whose side of this they are on, we know something very BIG is taking place.

Best to my mate back home (CA: England).
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