Saturday, December 31, 2011

Colin Andrews reveals some secrets in his final interview of the year. The Veritas Show

I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and immediately step aside to let Mel Fabregas of The Veritas Show take it away into 2012:
The joy of this Veritas interview is that Colin Andrews' crop circle research turns out to be the vehicle through which greater realities about ourselves and our world (and about him!) come into focus in a unique and beautiful way.

Crop circle confidante and counselor to British royalty (which they deny) and for decades now the world's authority on the mysterious manifestations, Andrews delivers a rare gift on this show. He reveals some of his own metaphysical experiences, secrets that he, like so many in the know, have had to hide from the world.

It's time to be honest and authentic, he says, to take responsibility for what's happening on this planet.

The central message of the crop circles, he explains, is .....Select above

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Smile and be Happy - 2012 Is Going To Be Very Different, so get used to it.

From Christmas Carols to Christmas itself and even arguing is going to be very different in 2012, so get used to it (smile) - select above.

Also see President Obama briefing card that resulted in the White House response to the E.T. petition.

- - - - -

I would like to thank many thousands of you who have checked in regularly to my blog and website and for those who have made donations to my research also, thank you a million. Its very encouraging to know that we are doing this work together. You have participated in a big way and supplied invaluable facts and details to numerous discussions and investigations.

After nearly thirty years of research and the consistent indicators that we were heading towards a very pivotal stage on our planet, we have I believe now reached that place. While my comments above are stated in fun (we have to maintain our sense of fun), the next twelve months are going to be very challenging indeed for millions. It is my intention to continue with this work and to do my level best to inform, suggest and make available this window on the world for others.

I think the sad fact is that it will continue to be brave whistleblowers and the person in the street that change things for good on our planet, rather than politicians or the 1% who have finally been caught with their hands in the money jar only to ask for a top up - talk about in your face.

Together we will traverse the land, sea and sky to recover sanity, love and respect for our peoples around the planet. This would be a good time for our woman to step forward in even larger numbers.

Don’t forget the next radio interview is on The Veritas Show, last night of 2011. For those who missed Coast to Coast and Paratopia, these can be heard also on my website.

Happy Holidays and take care.

Colin Andrews at

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Colin Andrews self funding research and website ends 29 years: Appeal For Donations To Move into 2012

Please consider making a donation towards my research and website or buy a donated gift as a Christmas present. Supporters of my work have recently donated gifts to sell towards future research and I am so very grateful - wonderful pottery, photographs, paintings and solid silver crop circle pendants (See my website for details).

My family and I have self funded 27 years of the last 29 years of research ourselves but this has now to come to an end.

For many years I have spoken of a future period of chaos, transitioning into a new profound period for humanity. 2012 marks the GrandPhenalee and turning point and an important time for us to fully understand what is transpiring and what we should be doing. I will be doing all in my power to stay with the work at this most important time - The cross roads, exactly that moment we must fight back and change the way we do business on this planet.

Please help support this work, which goes on around the clock, as we now reach the very place I spoke of in my early television documentaries and presentations, all those years ago. My first video documentary Undeniable Evidence (1990) Spoke in clear terms of what was coming - NOW ITS HERE.

Thank you.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reg Presley of the 60s pop band 'The Troggs" is in Hospital again

My friend Reg Presley had returned from a recent gig in Germany with the band, where they have always been very popular. He did not feel well and had trouble breathing. His doctor admitted him immediately to hospital in Hampshire, England. Select header above.

I will appear on The Veritas Show with Mel Fabregas for the last show of 2011 - Friday 30th December - check details on my site.

Friday, December 16, 2011

On the Edge of a Hidden World: Our Genes Show That We Are The Product of Someone Elses Experiences

We are on the brink of uncovering a hidden world. Our genes show that we are the product of someone else's experiences. Is this the breakthrough into the mechansim of consciousness and the human road-map?

The study has focused upon the response of stress hormones produced by the experiences of the father and mother and found that a stressful experience of the father just before puberty and a similar event occurring to the mother just before birth, cause specific gene sets to turn either on or off and this gene sequence to be passed on to their children. The childred again passes this gene information to their child and so on. The fact that Grand-fathers and Grand-mothers pass emotional ghosts down the line to future generations raises very interesting insights into the possible process of evolving consciousness. We are the product of someone else's emotional experiences and in turn pass our own forward into future generations. If that is so for stress, why not love or any other emotional experience?

Is it that as a specie we have to not only project into the world love but to experience the emotion of love across the population pool for future generations to live it as a norm? I propose that is the case and that until we produce those new beings with the genetic ghosts of love wired into them for the future, we will continue to experience the impossibity of inserting ideas of love into our war machines.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Colin Andrews: Crop Circles & 2012 Presentation to the United Nations, World Genesis Foundation, Embassador for Youth Program.


Watch the presentation to the children of Romania, transmitted during 2010.

There is to be the first of its kind, in-depth presentation of the long research into the entire crop circle mystery, 2012 and the Mayan Prophecy and the profound fact that each points to exactly what we see happening now in our world - Colin Andrews and his wife Dr. Synthia Andrews, N.D. will run hands on, fully interactive lectures and workshops on the conclusions of their work and will together discuss what is now expected of us? and how we can embody into our consciousness the astounding changes taking place.

You can check out details for this special weekend to be run at the Fellowship of the Spirit learning center, New York State, April 28-29, 2012. HERE

The Fellowship of Spirit weekend is a first come first served but can also be attended via Webinar

Monday, December 12, 2011

Colin Andrews Update: Coast to Coast show: Time & Stations in your area LIVE


I have been informed by Coast to Coast that I will now be on air for three hours starting at a new time: Tonight Monday 12th Dec at 2am - 5am US Eastern.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Colin Andrews to be on Coast to Coast AM Monday night. UK Government and Crop Circles also The Results of 30 Years Research.

2 Hours Live - Monday Night/12 December 1am - 3am Eastern/ 10pm - 12pm Pac:
Coast to Coast announcement:
Monday,December 12, 2011: Electrical engineer and researcher Colin Andrews coined the phrase "Crop Circles" 30 years ago. He'll discuss his assertion that the British government has indeed investigated the circles, although they have officially denied any interest in them, as well as his beliefs about what will happen in 2012.
Hosted by George Noory.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colin Andrews: Lets turn this love into action by which we change this insanity.

We have to take back our democracy.

View the New Posting on my website:
Lets turn this love into action by which we change this insanity.

With so much pain, can we not see that we must take the love and work harder with it – Much work still to do but with that passion, that determination and that love, we can build a new way.

Thanks To Retired U.K. Journalist and my friend David Haith who sent this material to me and who has done more than most people know to educate,inform and open important debates. Soldiers of Conscience – PLEASE watch this.

In response to Dave Haith who sent me the material:

This made me cry Dave.

That young girl in hyper-ventilating state in sheer terror - this is what we are doing to our kids. They are all kids, the soldiers pulling the triggers and the innocent dragged out of their homes with no understanding of who is behind all this? There has to be a very dark dismal place where the road plans are set and these evil bastards then call upon our kids to do what they do not themselves.

Im going to post a piece but you know Dave, the changes that are taking place will reach a very dangerous line, a line which these very people will fight us to maintain.

Its another reason I so strongly support Occupy. Its the first time in many years I can see my own frustrations being reacted to - the voices of many at last being heard. When policeman and soldiers also start questioning whose side of this they are on, we know something very BIG is taking place.

Best to my mate back home (CA: England).
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