Thursday, November 3, 2011

Climate Change?: 2011 What a Year - More Climate Records Broken here in Connecticut.

Beat this for just nine and a half months:
Feb: Record Winter,
July: Record Heat,
August: Record Earthquake,
September: Record Hurricane,
October: Record Snow

And that is with three more months to round off the year. See photos and full report directly from Guilford, Connecticut. Select header above.

It snowed heavily most of Saturday 29th October, 2011 and just got worse Saturday night. Standing outside in our back yard at around 4 PM the first cracks were heard which sounded like gun fire as trees and branches began snapping and falling. We lost two of our old apple trees as well as five
other large trees and numerous limbs from many others. The power was lost at 4.20 PM as it was for over three million others as the hours passed, according to news reports. Not a single shrub was standing in our garden by sunrise the next day. Power remained out for two days for us and we were the lucky ones. Connecticut was the worst hit with over a million still without electricity five days later.