Friday, October 28, 2011

New Postings: Synthia and Colin Andrews first radio interview about their paranormal experience.

Synthia and Colin Andrews just returned from the highly successful 2012 Gateway to Your Future Conference at University of Toronto, Canada.

Last night they took part in their first ever joint radio interview 'live' in which they spoke about the discovery of the most bizarre connection between people making crop circles, with messages seemingly from an extraterrestrial source and how all this fits precisely into the 2012 prophecy. They also spoke about a paranormal experience they both shared that lead to important information being given which has opened new area of research and a chapter in Synthia's new book The Path of Energy..

New Postings are delayed by another SEVERE WEATHER WARNING. Strong winds and heavy snow are moving into Connecticut and the North East of the United States tonight and tomorrow, which are expected to cause significant tree damage and power problems. The Observatory page will be useful in monitoring the next 36 hours. Postings later if conditions allow, meanwhile preparations for generator/water/wood etc are underway..