Sunday, August 14, 2011

CONSCIOUSNESS: How does this creature replicate texture & color and yet is color blind?

How Can This Be? A Creature That Converts Its Skin Color and Even Texture into a 3D Replica of Its Surroundings?

Add to this puzzle that it is color blind and its camouflage remains around the clock. This creature behaves like a high resolution television set.

Think what might be taking place here and consider what the complete range of frequencies and sensors are really at work. When we sense smell, touch, vision and sound are there subsets of these sensors, much like mirror nuerons in the brain that provide infill of data. Do some creatures see contours of hearing, hear artifacts of vision and feel the collective ambiance? Much to learn as we further delve consciousness. Look at this amazing video on my website - link heading.
Colin Andrews - August 2011