Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preparing For A Serious Hurricane - Irene is Forecast to Cause Huge Problems. Colin Andrews

Please go to New Postings page on my website for any updates regarding our own safety and the situation locally pending the passing of this monster storm, due to hit us late Saturday into Sunday.

We are told to expect to lose power for several weeks. This is likely to effect millions of people.

Praying for all concerned.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Budd Hopkins Passes - A True Giant In His Field: Colin Andrews

Loss of a true giant in a highly controversial field.

I liked Budd a lot. We shared many a breakfast together in various parts of the world, updating each other and enjoying each other’s company. Budd was always the first to offer help to those he perceived might have had potential ET experiences and who he felt might be harboring more than they consciously were aware - including myself.

I particularly cherished those rare occasions when others in this field like David Jacobs and John Mack were sat at the same table. The discussions were mind blowing, the implications life changing for individuals, even society changing for times ahead.

Losing Budd is a major loss indeed. May he now receive the peace and amazing rewards his efforts deserve.

Some of what Budd had to endure, as recently as February this year from his sick bed:


Friday, August 19, 2011

Two top scientist say crop circles are made by people with microwave generators. I dont think so!!!!

University of Oregon physicist Richard Taylor sees elegant forms derived from sophisticated mathematics, so much so that he decided to do a full study of how circle artists create these formations. His new article on crop circle science proposes that artists might be using more intricate tools—microwave emitters, laser pointers and GPS—to get the perfect proportions and shapes: (Colin's comment: Suggestions that microwave transmitters are used by people making crop circles is absurd, but there might be more behind Dr. Taylor's reasoning)

And now another big name agrees.

One of the world's leading scientists, Michio Kaku, a popular author and professor of Theoretical Physics at the City College of New York, appeared Tuesday on Fox News to explain some theories about how crop circles are created. He said one way to make crop circles was to simply use a wooden board and some rope. “Now with GPS, lasers and microwave ovens, you can create intricate patterns as detailed as any you see in science fiction movies,” Kaku explained. Read Colin's comments and the Professor's interview in the latest postings on my website.

With respect, this is about as ludicrous an idea as rutting deer and mating hedgehogs. How do these guys think the lateral force is created over such large areas to bend millions of plants like this?. There just has to be something going on behind the scenes for a man like Michio to stick his neck out like this. I smell a rat and for sure I just got to see the way this plays out. Experiments are going to take place near Stonehenge soon. Please do have a fire extinguisher or two handy and put on your lead vests. Oh, and don't forget the generator and thousand feet long extension cords for each team member!

Fact: When microwaves are applied to growing plants at the critical amplitude that causes the plants to collapse, they drop down in random directions and they die. We did these experiments many years ago and discounted such a notion.

That is not to say microwaves are not involved at the subtle levels. Dowsing is known to detect minute levels of microwaves and it is also thought that plant communications take place using this energy. Its simply a none starter though to believe people are pushing down huge designs at night holding such devices. Full article on my website – select header above.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

CONSCIOUSNESS: How does this creature replicate texture & color and yet is color blind?

How Can This Be? A Creature That Converts Its Skin Color and Even Texture into a 3D Replica of Its Surroundings?

Add to this puzzle that it is color blind and its camouflage remains around the clock. This creature behaves like a high resolution television set.

Think what might be taking place here and consider what the complete range of frequencies and sensors are really at work. When we sense smell, touch, vision and sound are there subsets of these sensors, much like mirror nuerons in the brain that provide infill of data. Do some creatures see contours of hearing, hear artifacts of vision and feel the collective ambiance? Much to learn as we further delve consciousness. Look at this amazing video on my website - link heading.
Colin Andrews - August 2011