Friday, July 1, 2011

The June Report by Colin Andrews / Crop Circles/2012/Nuclear Threat/Consciousness and more

The June Report is About to Be Posted.

Containing: The nuclear threat / Japan / New developments in Crop Circles - a defining moment as false Prophets set themselves apart / New and higher caliber UFO reports / Claims by the Australian Government of losing secret UFO documents and strange radar rings are back / Is the 2012 Prophecy beginning to make sense?/Fascinating developments in consciousness/ Climate Change is becoming scarily more present/Archaeological discoveries, why now?/Colin’s 2011 England projects with Kathryn and Dannion Brinkley and Dr. Simeon Hein exploring the Matrix, Ley Lines and Orbs related to crop circles/Filming with three television documentaries for National Geographic, BBC World and Scandinavian TV/ Donated gifts offered for sale to visitors of this site to support research.....and much more.

-This man in a blue suite and a discovery that could still change the world.

-Newly witnessed sun behavior shatters old theories.

-Film-maker Suzanne Taylor says of the crop circles, "We can’t make them, there is another intelligence."

-Corporations that rule to damn the people.

-More reports of large scale animal kill-offs. This time it’s worms and penguins.

-The Seventh Seal: Where do we stand now spiritually?

-DOD and HAARP: Weather and Earthquakes, connection?

-“The Hum” is back to a village in England.

-Prove what happened to building 7 and the rest must follow; very disturbing evidence 0f 9/11 from a new movie by filmmaker and investigator Matt Damon producing “The Inside Job.”

-Julian Assange: Concerns in Europe over the fast track of European Arrest Warrants.

-The launch of the book The Path of Energy by Dr. Synthia Andrews: Interviews and website.

-One well reasoned perspective on the Bilderberg Group and plans for our future.

-False federal charges filed against Dr. Steven Greer and members of CSETI.

-My friend Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell sued by US government.

-Something positive: New Solar Highway proposal to supply the worlds needs utilizing garbage from landfills.

-Police Brutality at Soccer match: When the police behave with unnecessary brutality, we see how degraded society has become and how we have lost awareness that we are all in this together. Summary: A kid having fun waving a flag of support for his team runs across soccer field and is set on by police. Spectators react by attacking police and running them off the field. I don't condone violence of any kind by anyone, however, as emotions convert to actions the elite corporations holding the world at ransom may have need to watch their backs. The video speaks for itself and should act as a warning to those in power and authority. As my wife Synthia says, "Everyone makes it or nobody does. We are part of the same hologram and no one gets left behind." Things MUST change.